I had some HST (half-square-triangle) blocks left over from my Batik YOT quilt so I made these 5 tabletoppers/wallhangings.  I’m thinking they will make good gifts.  I enjoyed doing the walking foot quilting on 4 of the 5.  I also tried my hand at feathers on the 5th one.  I’m quite pleased with myself.    Good practice pieces as the sizes are reasonable.  I actually was sad when I finished them and didn’t have another quilting project to start on.

I did machine binding on all 5 pieces.  I think it looks good.  One I did upside down by mistake.  I’ll give that one to a non-quilter and they’ll never know the difference.

I still prefer hand binding but when time is limited or the product doesn’t require it – I think machine binding is good enough.  I used the tutorial from 52 Quilts HERE.  Love it.  The only thing is that it is a wider binding on the front – which with these projects wasn’t a big deal.  However, if you have points on the outside that you don’t want to lose – it wouldn’t work.

Five more in the ‘finish’ column.  Go Fluffy!

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I tried to just re-blog this post from The Silly BooDilly but wasn’t able to so will just give you the link and send you on to it.  I find it thought-provoking.  It’s about creativity and inspiration and who did it first and who gets credit and copyright and all kinds of issues to ponder.

Do you know that there are actually fabric designers out there that say you can’t SELL any product you make using their fabrics?  (Oh for Pete’s sake…..give me a break here.  If I buy the fabric and if at some point in the future I want to sell whatever I’ve made with YOUR fabric, you think you can tell me I can’t?  Sorry.  I don’t think so, girlfriend!).  And pattern designers that try to copyright a traditional block?  Again…..chill.  Go ahead – copyright your directions, your illustrations – whatever.  I’m thinking you’re fighting a losing battle.

The designation Modern Quilter has been something I’ve pondered off and on over the last couple years.  Those of you that know me – know that as a general rule – I find the whole “modern quilter” business a bit silly.  I really and truly don’t get the designation.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s just part of the ‘oh I’m so special’ or ‘look at me’ or ‘preciousness’ philosophy that so many people find themselves (trapped?) in.

Having said that – it doesn’t matter to me what you call yourself  - whatever floats your boat.  I’m just going to go quilt and keep my nose out of it.  BUT – I stand by my opinion that there ultimately is nothing NEW under the sun.  Inspiration comes from everywhere and I’ve never seen a quilt that didn’t remind me of a quilt I’ve seen before SOMEWHERE.

Here’s the link:


THIS quilt is what I’ve been studying lately.  I simply love it.  I’m working on sewing my Fabric Vomit crumbs into bigger pieces to then cut apart into smaller pieces to THEN sew back together into bigger pieces to do something based on this quilt.  And, I apologize, I don’t know who the quilter is.  I found the picture on one of my google image quilt show searches.  Apparently it was at a Japanese quilt show in 2012 but that is the most information I can find about it.  Isn’t it FABULOUS?  I love it.  (oh, I might have mentioned that already, huh?)

crumb quilt

Sew a Little Fabric - Paula Storm

Paula Storm is a local quilter who has been hitting the ground running with her designs the last couple years.  I met her at the local quilt shop.  Her first claim to fame was this pattern for a baby donut.  Isn’t it adorable?


Well, the year before last, she won Best of Show at our local fair with her Summer Rain quilt.  Here’s a picture of it:


Since then, she’s gone on to write a quilt book (Sew a Little Fabric) and is giving workshops.  Our small quilt group was lucky enough to have her do a 3 session workshop for us.  Five of us took the workshop and all our work is vastly different.  I don’t have current pictures of the other gals’ quilts but here’s a slideshow on the progress of mine.

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I decided instead of my perspective being from the front looking onto flowers, I would be ABOVE the ground, looking down onto the grass.  It reminds me of the days when I was a teenager in Valley Springs and would go out to the pasture (paddock) and lie in the grass and watch the clouds drift by.  Ummm…….hard to believe that was 40 years ago.  Where has the time gone?

ANYWAY…….I’m in a holding pattern right now waiting for thread and glue.  Although Paula’s quilt is hand appliquéd, I have too much hand work lined up so I’m going to teach myself machine appliqué with invisible/smoke thread.  I also still need to add leaves and vines.

The rulers we used (primarily) were Westalee rulers.  I highly recommend their Dresden and Toppers & the Spike & Peeper rulers – they made the process of making interesting and creative Dresden plates a snap.  I’m still not sold on the long ruler – I think I need some remedial cutting lessons as I do better using the lines on my mat to measure rather than a ruler (I know, I know…….I’m a rebel.).  I’m attending a demo with Leonie West of Westalee rulers in August so perhaps she’ll be able to teach this old dog some new cutting tricks.

I actually have 2 more quilts in my head to make with the Dresden pattern (who’d a thunk it?).

Oh, and the name of this quilt?  Spring Valley.  (thank you Mr. W!)

OH!  And one more thing…..if you get a chance to take a class from Paula – I recommend it!  Thanks Paula.




One of my goals this year was to finish up some (all?) of my unfinished projects.  I’m really only doing projects that I still LOVE.  Anything I don’t love – I’ve either gotten rid of or plan to get rid of.

Each quarter, a group of us knitting quilters on Ravelry make a wish list of our UFO items and work to finish them up.  Here is my summer 2014 list and photos.  I totally know that I won’t get them all done but I have made serious progress so far this year.  I think I have finished up 6-7 projects each quarter.  Most of my remaining projects are big ones though – or ones that I’m still working on design elements.

I’m pondering participating in an Australian quilt challenge for 2015.  The theme is “True Blue” and it needs to measure 36×36.  I have a couple artsy fartsy ideas in mind.  Thinking, thinking, thinking……….

My list of current UFOs:
Wonky basket – All is appliquéd and I’m working on the hand quilting each night while watching TV.  I’m using Finca pearl cotton 12 and doing a Kantha/Japanese Boro style quilting (i.e. big stitch).
IMG_1684 - 1824
Grandmothers Flower garden/Mini nine-patch – This has turned into two quilts because it was morphing into the “big ass quilt” category.  I’m thinking to appliqué wool snowflakes onto the mini-nine patch and just use the hexagons by themselves with perhaps a floral border.
IMG_1936Last Import - 13
Table topper 1 & 2 – quilt, bind
June 2014 HST tabletoppers - 6
Table topper 3, 4 & 5 - quilt, bind
June 2014 HST tabletoppers - 1
Celtic Solstice – quilt, bind, label
Jan 13 2014 - 5
Batik HST – quilt, bind, label
Quilted knitting needle case
Last Import - 10
Kaffe crumb quilt
No picture for this – just using my left over crumbs and sewing them together into bigger pieces.  I’m using this as my current leader/ender project.
Dresden Plate quilt
Flannel Snowball quilt – quilt, bind, label
untitled event - 1946
Brother’s and Sister’s – 6 blocks done, 6 to go plus borders.
Last Import - 11
Leah Day Building Blocks

This is an ongoing yearly project for practicing FMQing.  I really don’t think I’m going to use the blocks for a quilt – just put them in a binder as examples of FMQing to use for future projects.  I’m currently behind by about 2 months.  :)

June 2014 finishes

June summary time…..

Karyl’s Krazy Kwilt – the non-nana quilt.  Ready to bring back with me to the USA in November.

Last Viewed Events - 05

Chevron giving quilt top (2) (for AQWL) – Bawley Quilt Group project

Last Viewed Events - 02


Lamp shade

June 2014 lamp shade - 2

Headbands – watched a movie and knew I needed to make a headband like in the movie.  Made 5 of them and shared a couple with a friend.

Last Import - 09

Sewing Bag – Did the wool work and then attached it to a pre-made bag.  It sits on the couch and holds my hand sewing supplies.

June 2014 sewing case - 2

Knitted baby jumper and cap and crocheted pram-sized afghan



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