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Fingerless gloves – these are the last items that I knit before I had a severe case of tendonitis.  My elbow was so inflamed that it was actually HOT.  We’re talking both shooting and constant PAIN – not discomfort.  There’s a difference.  :)  Anyway….I’m on the mend now but still not knitting.  Or doing hexagons as they make my elbow hurt also.  These are for my niece C2, if she still wants them.  She requested a pair of green fingerless gloves several years ago.


fingerless gloves

Bionic Bag – Five zippers in each bag.  The first one went together without problems so I decided to make 2 more.  Nothing but problems.  I couldn’t catch the back side of the binding to save my life.  However, they are finished and they do look pretty good (especially if you don’t look too closely at the binding!).

IMG_2274 IMG_2277

A trip down the coast




Had a lovely two nights at Potato Point with two girlfriends last week.  Beach walk at 6am followed by yoga on the veranda.  LOTS of kangaroos and wallabies.  A bird attacked my hair while I was doing yoga (scared the shit out of me!).

We fit in some shopping, some eating, some stitching, some talking and some laughter.  Balm for the soul.

Wonky Basket Quilt finished!

I love this quilt.  I can’t tell you where I got the idea – I just vaguely remember seeing someone online working on a basket quilt something like this and I was off and running.

The baskets are all freehand cut and needle turn appliquéd onto scrappy backgrounds.  The borders are inspired by Lori Smith’s quilt “all roads lead to Olive’s” which was inspired by the quilt shop K2 and I used to own (Olive’s Mercantile).  Lori’s patterns are available at From My Heart to your Hands.  Quilting was done this winter in front of the TV in a Kantha-like style.  I used a new batting for this, “quilters light” which is like a lightweight flannel – it needled very nicely and it’s very light weight.

What more can I say about it?  I LOVE IT!  Oh – and I’m glad it’s finished.

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Batik HST finished

hmmm…..I could have sworn that I already posted this but it’s in my draft folder so perhaps I didn’t.  If I did – sorry for the duplicate post.  :)



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Celtic Solstice – My LAST BAQ (big ass quilt) to do FMQing on.  I think I’m in purgatory.  It’s like what I would imagine wrestling an alligator would be like.  (yeah, I know….drama queen…..deal with it!).

Last Import - 08

Brother’s and Sister’s blocks are finished.  Two small quilts or one BAQ?  BAQ won the contest but I AM NOT GOING TO QUILT IT.  Next up – sashing and borders.

Last Import - 09

My Bionic Bag.  ALMOST finished.  36 pdf pages of instructions.  Only had to un-sew once.  Five zippers (and all look fabulous, darling!).  Jury is still out on whether Mary will get one or not.  :)

Last Import - 10

My socks!  First sock took 2 & 1/2 months.  Second sock took about 2 & 1/2 weeks.  l’ll make at least one more pair of socks for Mr. W but so far – I don’t have sock knitting addiction.  I’d rather knit a scarf or a shawl.

Last Import - 11

Wonky basket – Kantha-style quilting is traveling along well.  I am down to the last border.  I have hopes of finishing the quilting so that I can take it along with me to bind when I go on a little road trip with girlfriends later in the month.  If not – it will be put on hold until next winter as it’s ALMOST too warm to have a quilt on my lap in the evenings.

Last Import - 12

This little scarf is called Dangling Conversation.  It was an absolute dream to knit.  I finished it in about 10 days.  It’s made of a beautiful hand-dyed wool that I found in Vienna last year.  I’ll make another of these scarves – next time with beads and using Wolles cotton yarn.


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