Elizabeth Barton

Two new books:



Elizabeth Barton’s blog:  Art and Quilts, Cogitations thereon

An online workshop on art quilting with the author called Abstract Art for Quiltmakers that I’m taking starting May 2.

It seems so over my head but I’m going to dive in and see if I can swim.

I’m also heading to Canberra for the Creative Textile Show to check out this art quilt exhibit called Living Colour.  Check out some of these quilts – absolutely stunning.



On Being an Artist


Thanks Debby. I needed to re-read this today. :)

Originally posted on debby weighs in:

Why is it so hard to call myself an artist? I know I’m not alone. Is it because I came to this later in life–being serious about creating art, instead of just “having a hobby?” There is always that niggling thought in the back of your head “who does she think she is?”

And since needlework HAS been a hobby throughout my life, it has been a leisure activity for me. Its hard to give myself permission to spend large amounts of time doing something  that I always considered play.

And then there’s that whole BIG AREA–how do I fit normal life (you know, cleaning, cooking, etc.) into a life that has enough room to create art.

And of course, there’s the thought that if no one else likes it, is it really art?


But at the end of the day, I am discovering that I am the only one…

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JaJa bottoms

I’m doing the happy dance!


Right.  So, you have your FAVORITE pair of jaja bottoms.  You wear them all the time.  As soon as you take them off, they are in the wash so you can wear them again.  You sleep in them, you do yoga in them, you pick grapes in them, you sometimes go to the beach in them.  Can you say FAV-OR-ITE?  Anyway, one day you roll over in bed and hear a HUGE ripping noise.  @_#$)(*#@$_)(*  Yup.  You’ve worn right through the fabric.  Time for new jaja bottoms but where are you ever going to find a pair that fit so nicely?  That don’t bunch or bag or pull?

Solution?  Make your own.  Since my jaja bottoms had basically disintegrated, I just cut them apart to get a front and back pattern.  But if your pants aren’t ready for the bin, you may want to follow these directions on how to draft and sew your own jaja bottoms.  Heather and Melly?  Thank you very much.

I borrowed an overlocker and with a couple afternoons of concentrated effort, I now have 3 pair of jaja bottoms.  I’m doing the happy dance!


Cray Cray Quilt


What part of NO MORE BIG QUILTS don’t I understand?

Here’s the Crazy Quilt top.  It’s not huge but bigger than I like to quilt.  It ended up 60×80.  It will join my Celtic Solstice which is also big (80×80).  I don’t have backs for them and I don’t have homes for them right now so they will just sit for awhile.

I swear….this is the last large quilt I make.  NO MORE BIG QUILTS!



Well, here we are at the beginning of quarter two.  I am participating, once again, in the Ravelry Quilters Knitting challenge to finish up some projects/UFOs.  We need to list a minimum of 5 projects with the goal being to finish at least one of them.

Here is my list, with pictures of the current state of the project.  Several of them I have absolutely no hope of finishing this quarter – but I keep plugging along on them with the hopes that my list will be clean by the end of the year.  The biggest problem is that as I complete one project, I seem to start another (and have at least 3 more in mind).  I really hope to get some of these time consuming ones finished by the end of the year (wonky basket & mini nine patch) but this quarter – I’m going to focus on my FMQing again.    And my New York Beauty.  I have a June deadline for that one.

1.  1″ rail fence leader/ender

2.  Baby tumbling blocks quilt

Last Import - 2

3.  Quilt group blocks quilt

Last Import - 1

4.  New York Beauty

NYB top finished - 1

5.  Zen my Ass

serenity quilt - 16

6.  Bullseye

March 2014 Bullseye - 1

7.  Pastel crazy quilt

Last Import - 6

8.  Wonky Basket

basket quilt - 2

9.  Mini-nine patch/hexagon

10.  YOT HST batik

11.  AQWL FMQ-1 (no picture available as it hasn’t been mailed to me yet)

12.  Blue batik HST

Last Import - 4

13.  Brenda Gael Smith inspired circle quilt

Last Import - 3



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