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Double Wedding Ring Update.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe inspired.

Most nights I sit and embroider on it while watching TV for an hour or so.  Memories of our life together.





Voluptuous Woman


Let me just say upfront – I LOVE this piece.  In my eyes, it is a piece of art and chock full of creativity and thought.

Some people may think I’m full of myself.  Some people might not understand the piece or the significance.  But frankly – I couldn’t care less.  I love it and that is what counts.  I have waited my entire life to have this kind of confidence and it feels FABULOUS!


As I have been putting on the end of my emails lately, a quote by Georgia O’Keeffe “I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.”


Now, the long post about the creation of Voluptuous Woman:

This piece started as a tablecloth.  A well worn tablecloth given to me by a friend.  I cut it up and painted and stencilled it.  Then I sewed it back together again.


Next step was to embroider it.  I did some random embroidery.  I followed the dancing woman stencils (which were purchased from Stencil Girl).  I embroidered on some of my eco-dyed silk pieces.  I included body positive slogans.  It started to take on a philosophical theme of body shaming/body positivity.

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I have been buying naked woman greeting cards made by a local artist, Jules Sydenham, for years.  I typically have one in my sketch book at all times for inspiration.  These women have generous, voluptuous figures and are gorgeous.  I didn’t want to copy or use Jule’s work without her permission, and I was hesitant to ask for permission.

A friend and I were chatting and I asked if she thought her husband, who is a painter, would be able to sketch me a naked woman.  The result of this chat was finding out her daughter is an artist and would gladly sketch me a naked woman to use in my quilt.  I loved what she emailed me and it was just what I was looking for.  We started calling her Voluptuous Woman.


It was a rather slow process on figuring out how to transfer the image to fabric.  I used combined techniques from Jenny Bowker and Leni Levenson Weiner.  I enlarged and pixelated the drawing with a free online computer program before printing it out to the size I wanted.  From there I identified 5 different ‘shades’ and cut the fabric and paper and fused them onto a base of crumb piecing (the lightest shade of the body).  At one point, I gave up and just started freehand cutting fabrics as it was too difficult to do it in Jenny and Leni’s manner.

There was also the dilemma of her sitting on something or having a shadow.  My artist friend suggested the shadow and it was a struggle to find exactly what she should sit on without looking like she was sitting in a puddle of poop.  Jenny Bowker came to the rescue by suggesting tulle as you could see through it and it would be more shadow-like.  When attaching the tulle, I accidentally burned it.  I could have removed it and started again but I think the holes just add character.

I machine quilted her body and hand quilted the rest of the quilt.

She is hanging over the fireplace in the little house.  I really hated it when it was finished as I enjoyed the creative process so much.  Thanks to everyone who offered ideas and inspiration!  I value each suggestion – whether I used it or not – your feedback made me stop and think before rushing decisions.

I really enjoy this ‘wabi-sabi’ style of quilting that I do…just letting pieces develop rather than having a plan before I start.  Organic.  That’s how it feels to me.


ADHD of Quilting

I suffer from ADHD of quilting.  Seriously.  I flit and flop around from idea to idea, style to style.  I often wish I had a focus with my quilting – that I worked in a series – that my quilting had a theme.  It doesn’t though.  I could force it I suppose – but that just isn’t me.  I like to try new things.

My latest new thing was watercolour painting on fabric and then free motion quilting it.  It started with me becoming intrigued by a technique called Alcohol Ink.  It’s an alcohol based paint which you paint on a plastic-y substance called ‘yupo paper’.  It makes the most amazing paintings.  Very impressionistic.  Google it or check it out on Facebook if you aren’t familiar with it.

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Anyway – I also wanted to do more painting on fabric so while searching for ideas, I ran across a woman named Ashley Nickels/alphabet Ashley.   I continued my searching and had a plan on what to try.  At the last minute, I signed up with CreativeBug to view Ashley’s class to see if there was anything to add to my plan.  I think a new quilter or someone who has never painted with fabric before would have benefited from the class, but I had already figured it out.

I used Dye-na-Flow paint on cotton muslin.  I did 11 pieces, 12″.  After they dried, I heat set them.  Then I free motion quilted them.  I followed the paint shadowing using black Isacord thread.  The backgrounds I tried Superior clear thread and white Isacord.  Both worked fine.  It was good FMQ practice time.


I like what I did.  I’m satisfied with it.  But I’m not passionate about it.  I look at the pieces and wonder what to do with them.  I could bind them and they could be table mats – or little wall hangings.  But, do I want to burn daylight binding them?  For what?  They might just get put on a shelf for awhile.

So, another example of my ADHD.  It’s time to dive back into improv work.  That lights my fire.  Trips my trigger.  Makes my heart sing.  I’m not sure why I continue to get side tracked.

This is my latest improv piece – from the Sherri Lynn Wood FB challenge #4.  Rules were: 2 fabrics, under 24″ square and use a triangle.  It’s ready to be quilted.




Words from Lyla Jane’s mom



From the blog Lynzy & Co  – a blog post written by Megan, my nephew’s wife.


Leaf me alone…

Ok, that’s a bit lame for a title, but I’m tired.  🙂


This is a quilt from a workshop I did through our local quilt shop.  Marilyn has been having workshops for 20 years or so and although I’ve been going to her shop for 15 of those years, I’ve never attended The Gathering.


This year I was determined to go and I wasn’t disappointed.  She does an absolute bang-up job on hosting this event and I will certainly go back next year.  There must have been 85-90 students, 7-8 different workshops, 2 full days of meals.  The best part was the sharing of quilting passion with others – wonderful.  I met some lovely women – women that have a burning passion for quilting.


The workshop I took was with Beth and Trevor Reid from Canberra.  We worked with templates that we cut from a firm plastic-y product found at the hardware store in 3 different weights.  It was an interesting class.  Once we had our templates, we mixed and matched which pieces to use on each leaf.  The combinations were fun to play with.  What you cut out of one leaf, you could use in another one.

My quilt (wallhanging size) is a little ‘controlled’ for me.  I played with the idea of applying bleach or paint to it to messy it up to be more my style.  In the end, I decided to just use it as a practice piece for my quilting and get it done.  I’m glad it’s done and I’m sure I’ll find someone who will like it and want it – it’s just not my thing.  No regrets for taking the class and if it was someone else’s quilt, I would compliment them and enjoy it.  I think that it’s the voice in my head that screams “boring” that I have a hard time ignoring.  And perhaps ‘boring’ is too judgy – it’s just not my style but that doesn’t necessarily make it boring.  Perhaps I should just delete this paragraph?  (Nah – if I can’t say what I think in my own blog, where can I say what I think?)

Solids are the delicious Cherrywood Fabrics  that my mama bought me last year for Christmas.  The patterned fabrics in the leaves are from a dear friend of mine (she bought them and then had buyer’s regret so shared them with me).  The outer border is a linen that I bought for my hexie quilt and had plenty left over.



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