U of Tasmania – Project 1


I’m taking a college course called “Creativity and Ageing” from the U of Tasmania.  It’s an official degree-related course but I’m just taking it for shits and giggles; something to keep my brain occupied and my creativity moving.

This is a 12×12 quilted piece mounted on canvas.  Inspired by Hundertwasser’s urinal in Kawakawa New Zealand.  Theme for class project was ‘running water’ (get it?  inspired by a urinal?!!).  I used left over quilted pieces from my Hundred Waters project.  We had to use 1 unusual object in our piece.  The round object is a boning stay from a silk bustier (my sex kitten days are well and truly over!).  Silver locket is from a necklace that I no longer wear.  No grade yet.

Here is the link to the tutorial I used for attaching the quilted piece to the canvas.  Rose Hughes.





Hundred Waters

My Hundertwasser urinal inspired piece.


The Design Process:

The original inspiration image:


The Blurb about it:

While on holiday in Vienna, we had a spare afternoon.  Scanning the tourist brochures, we discovered a Linda McCartney photo exhibition.  After a couple quick tram rides, we found ourselves outside this crazy building among traditional Viennese apartment blocks.  Walking inside the museum, we found the most awesome hodgepodge of a building!  Inside and out, there was not a straight line to be found.  Uneven patchwork tiled floors and staircases, asymmetrical rooms, mis-matched chairs;  all in black and white with explosions of color sprinkled in through-out.
Although we had a passing thought of ‘who did this?” we were more interested in seeing the photography exhibit since that was my current passion.  Time was short so we quickly made our way through the photo exhibit.  As the museum was closing I made a quick dash through the gift shop and bought a book on the artist Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser.
The next morning on the plane, I pulled the book out of my backpack and discovered what we had missed by not knowing who Friedensreich Hundertwasser was.  He was an Austrian artist, architect and environmentalist who was an opponent of the straight line and an advocate of the irregular form.  His iconic architecture work is scattered around Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA.  My most favourite is the toilet block in Kawakawa, New Zealand.  It was pictures of this toilet block that I used as my inspiration for this piece of quilting.
My secret dream?  Return to Europe and New Zealand solely to explore the wonders of Hundertwasser.  In the meantime, my quilt pays homage to this opponent of the straight line.

Treating Myself


**addendum**  Color me sad.  This workshop was cancelled.  Oh well – something else will come up.  I still have a quilt retreat in South Dakota to look forward to!

I’ve decided to treat myself to a workshop in a few months.  I’m going to an Elizabeth Bunsen workshop called Morning Practice and Mapping Interior Geography.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  I really have no clue exactly WHAT we will be doing – and I’m ok with that.  I even booked myself a room for the night so that I don’t need to drive back and forth.  A mini-solo vacation – I haven’t had one of those for years and I miss them.

I’ve followed Elizabeth’s work and her blog, Be….Dream…..Play for years.  She works with rust.  With Indigo.  With fabric.  With ephemera.  With found objects.  With journals.

I’m always concerned that I may be violating copyright laws when I post others pictures so I won’t post anything of hers but take a minute or two and do a Google Image search on “Elizabeth Bunsen” and you’ll see a huge selection of her work.

I think it’s time for me to put a plea out to my local peeps that I’m in need of more rusted objects.  I feel the need to do more rust work.  More eco-dyeing (hello GUM tree leaves!).  Also, silk/wool/cotton fabric that is headed to the dump or 2nd hand stores.

Now though?  I’m going to go do some yoga.  I’m once again trying to establish my MORNING yoga routine.  I’m good with my afternoon yoga routine.  Most days between 3 and 4, I spend a good hour doing yoga.  Plus my meditation practice is solid.  I just feel like my morning routine could be better.  Less computer time, more head-space time.  More body-space time.

Oh, and here’s a sneak peak of a piece I started a few weeks back.  I think I posted about the painting/dyeing process?  It started life as a tablecloth (thanks Ms. A!).  Then I painted, dyed, stencilled and wrote on it.  It’s the base piece for my body positivity/body shaming piece.  I don’t have a name for it yet.  It will include embroidery.  And my ‘vision’ is to have a woman’s naked body in the foreground – I’m unsure of what technique I’m using yet – I’ve been studying several photo quilt techniques trying to figure it out.  Jenny Bowker‘s techniques are at the forefront.  Her piece called Hashim is one of my inspirations.

One more thing…..I started another college course last week.  Creativity and the Ageing.  I have 3 creative projects over the course.  I also finished my Dementia course with the U of Tasmania.  HIGHLY recommend it.

img_0255 img_0256



I’m still playing the piano.  It’s been nearly a year since we had it tuned.  I still haven’t arranged lessons – maybe after the first of the year I’ll do that.  I play most days.  It’s like meditation to me.

I love playing classical music.  Probably because I don’t need to worry about my timing;  I can just drift along and play the notes to my own rhythm.  More than 1 flat or sharp SCARES me and I usually skip those pieces of music.  Well – sometimes I push myself.  Mostly I don’t though.

If you have piano music you don’t want – and it’s a level 1 or 2 – I’ve become a collector.

Here is an article that was in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about a piano left in the street and some Australian piano history.

I’m glad I didn’t toss this piano out into the front yard and plant flowers in it like I threatened – although I do think that is a cool way to use a piano.  I’m sure Mr. W’s mum is pleased I didn’t do that.  Even though I don’t play as well as his mum (she played by ear and daily), I think my playing brings back happy memories for Mr. W as I get applause each time I play.

Then again – maybe he’s applauding because I’ve stopped playing for the day.



Mixed Media Journal

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I started this many years ago – I think 2012.  Finished it last weekend.

It is comprised of 5 individual journals.  Each journal is made up of different papers and fabrics.  Some eco dyed watercolour papers, rust dyed fabrics (cotton, old linens and silk), purchased papers, tea stained papers.  I had family and friends collect their ephemera for a month and included many of their words and pieces on the pages.

The outside cover is eco-dyed wool that I embroidered.  The fabric covers of the individual journals have been embroidered also.  Buttons, ribbons, jewellery and beads have been added.

I look back on some of the things that I embroidered and it really reflects what I was going through and what I was doing at the time.  For example – I participated in a ‘plankathon’; I recorded an MRI and gallbladder surgery, some emotional situations that I was going through with family.  One entry says “PAIN” – I’m sure that related to my gallbladder flare (but it could easily have been emotional pain).

I have only written in one of the journals.  I kept it down by the TV and each night (for a couple months) I would record some tidbit of our day – whether it was a rugby game or a surf or a sit-and-read-at-the-beach.  Sort of a window into our life during that time.

I’m not hugely into journaling anymore – most of my journals I have destroyed  because I made the decision that I didn’t want anyone reading about my life once I no longer walk this earth.

I do like the journal though.  And I’m glad I finally finished it.  I suppose I’ll just put it on the shelf.  Maybe I’ll take one of the journals with me next time I go on a holiday?

Inspiration for it came from an Australian gal by the name of Ro Bruhn.  HERE is her blog.  She does amazing work and I’ve often thought attending a workshop with her.