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There is no SECOND SOCK SYNDROME here.

Finished last night before bed.  On his feet this morning.  Word is that they are VERY toasty.


Vanilla Latte Socks from Virginia Rose-Jeanes (available on Ravelry).  2.5mm needle.

Yarn:  Opal Sweet & Spicy.  Purchased in a small village in Austria while on holiday.  I didn’t speak Austrian/German.  The store owner didn’t speak English.  Mr. W translated.  It is one of my favorite memories of the trip.

I’m still not crazy about sock knitting and I’m not sure I’ll ever do another pair but I did enjoy the process.  I now know I CAN do it if I want to.  Working with these small needles hurts my elbow and my neck.  And, I have to really concentrate.


Zentangle work

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I’m loving my Zentangling!  Trademarked doodling.  :)  I try to do it daily, in the evening after dinner.  It’s relaxing, meditative and fun.  Right now I’m doing it in a small sketch book.  Each tangle is done in a 3″ square.  Traditional Zentangle work is done on paper ’tiles’ – sort of like Artist’s Trading Cards.

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Approximately 60×60.

Fabrics from mid-90’s stash.  Lots of original Thimbleberries fabrics (ergo the ‘retro’ name).  Still love those fabrics.

Free motion quilted on my Janome.  Did freeform feathers in the beige areas, water-like movement in the dark.  Actually enjoyed about 80% of the quilting process.

Bamboo batting.  2″ binding.

Used a new (to me) binding technique by Patrick Lose.  You cut out the little triangle in the corner of the binding.  Worked like a charm.  Here’s the video:



This and that….

One sock finished for Mr. W – goal is to finish sock 2 by the end of April!  Pattern is “Vanilla Latte” which is available on Ravelry.  It’s been a very easy pattern to follow.

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Gorgeous quilted piece from my friend Karen for my birthday.  These pieces are 1/2″.  Absolutely amazing.  I can’t decide where to hang it.  I keep moving it from place to place trying to find the perfect spot!





Seafolly bag and selection of wool from my friend Annette for my birthday.  Perfect color on the bag and can’t wait to use the wool!


Artist’s Portfolio Bag


A couple hats for Finn

IMG_2741 IMG_2742

Quilt given to Nick (future husband of The Daughter)

Image 4

Afghan given to The Daughter


Pillow made with the embroidered piece my friend Candy gave me (my new favorite saying!).  I used the cut-offs from my Hundertwasser-inspired chair.  I’ll use the pillow daily while meditating.

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100 patch quilt


Approx. 60×60

Wool tongues stitched down by machine.  Rust wool circles were dyed by me using acid dyes.

100 block idea stolen from Karen G.

Bamboo batting used.

Used walking foot to quilt the spiral in the centre with about 1″ between stitch lines.

FMQ feathers in 4 corners and pebbles in border background.

Does not have a home, folded up and on the shelf for now.


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