The 100 day Project

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The 100 Day Project.

Does anyone want to join me?  Click on the link above to read about it.

You choose your thing.  Could be art or craft related or not.  I think it’s a good way to reach a goal or just to play.

No prizes or anything – just personal satisfaction.

I’m going to pledge to do a walk a day and some Kantha/Boro-style stitching daily.  My walk may not be long…but it will involve putting my walking shoes on (i.e. it won’t count to just walk from the couch to the frig and back).  My stitching can be as little as 15 minutes or so as I know it will add up over the 100 days.

If I miss a day…no worries.  No beating myself up.  My 100 days will most likely take more than a 100 days and that’s ok.

Think about it!  You can start any time.

The slide show….some of my favorite quilts from 2018.



“Bespoke” dammit dolls

Here I go swearing again….what is with me lately????  LOL

This is what I’ve been doing in front of the TV at night while searching for a quilt-related hand project.  They are loosely based upon the Dammit Dolls that my mom made and sold about 30+ years ago at craft shows.

They make me smile.  I’m not sure how many more I’ll make but it’s been fun.  No plan…just play.



I’m working on another improv quilt with subversive words in it.

(Thinking back over the last 5 years or so, I have been adding lettering and/or wording to my quilts in many ways.  Only today I connected the dots that it might be my ‘thing’ or style.)

The backstory on this quilt…I had sent an email to a friend of mine using the expression “SFA” to describe someone or something.  I then proceeded to clarify what “SFA” meant (Sweet F**K All) as sometimes my American slang isn’t known by my Australian friends.  She assured me that she did know what SFA stood for but in Australia, it is also known as “Sweet Fanny Adams”.

Well, as Mr. W and I were making brekkie that morning, I innocently said to him “Who is this Sweet Fanny Adams?”.  To say that he nearly wet his pants is an understatement.  I haven’t seen him laugh so hard, bend-over hard, hard to catch his breath HARD,  in many many years.

Off to Google I went to research who this Sweet Fanny Adams was.

There is an entire story about her.  A very sad story that involves murder of a child.  The origins of the saying ‘Sweet Fanny Adams” has military connection relating to their food.  If you have time and are interested, here is a wikipedia link:  It’s kinda gross though – and like I said…very sad.

ANYWAY…..to make a long story even LONGER….I was inspired to do a SFA quilt but I wanted the words to be more hidden than my FFFF Indigo words.

I am really enjoying using the freeform lettering that I learned from my workshop with Jessica Wheelahan so I started making letters.

I’m also totally infatuated (quilt crush type stuff) with the work of Irene Roderick.  Using inspiration from  Irene Roderick , I decide to have a fair bit of negative space on the outside of the quilt.  This lead to doing the lettering in a low contrast style so that the words/letters will probably not be immediately visible unless you look closely at the quilt.

IMG_4179 (1)

Irene starts many of her improv quilts from the inside out – she calls it ‘dancing’.  So, I’m trying to channel Irene and Jessica and see if I can find my own interpretation of their styles.

So far I like where I’m headed.

**edited to add…I use the word VERY way too often.  I had to go in and remove at least THREE of them.

Profanity warning


Don’t read this blog post if you are offended by swearing.  By the F word.  You have been warned.

It started with a couple indigo dyeing days over the last year or so.  A little bit of prep work on the fabric – resist techniques using simple things like rubber bands and old CDs, plastic templates and rocks and more time consuming resist techniques using shibori stitch resist.

Hint…if you include a couple friends, it is a fun morning!  The chemical side is real simple.  It’s just a matter of keeping track of your time when mixing your brew.

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Next up is the design process.  I have done one of these quilts before…using my indigo fabrics and improv techniques.  Here’s a picture of the first one:


This time, I wanted to include words since I had just taken a class from Jessica Wheelahan on improv letters.  I showed up at the class.  There were only 4 of us so we had very personal attention.  When asked what word I wanted to do – I said FUCK.  Yup.  That was my word.  Sometimes no other word works.  It is my favorite swear word.  I don’t use it often but I like it.  Here are my results from that class:


Next step was to put my fabrics up on the design wall.  Initially, I was going to do “OFF, IT and YOU”.  It seemed a bit harsh though so after consultation with a few peeps, I changed it to “Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck”.  Now…doesn’t that sound sweet?

Once I was happy with the arrangement, it was pinned and then quilted using the Sweet 16.  I used trapunto technique behind the letters as I wanted them to stand out.  To make sure no one missed them.

And, the finished quilt.  On my favorite fence (what is left of it) overlooking our side paddock and being held by Mr. W (note his cute boots!).


I like it.  I’m pleased with it.  It makes me smile and frankly, I don’t care what others think of it.  Next time though, I might stick to my gut instinct and not soften the message.  Sometimes F-OFF, F-IT and F-YOU are appropriate…even if only said under my breath.

Several people have asked me if I’m going to enter it into any quilt shows.  Probably not.  I did bring it to my local group for show and tell but I gave them a warning to close their eyes if they were easily offended.  I’m not sure if people were offended or not as I received relatively little feedback.   I’d like to show it because I think it is art and I think art doesn’t always just have to be PRETTY….it can relay a message.  However, I don’t think I have a strong enough interest or the energy to rock boats any more.  Fuck it.

Family of Strong Women

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Vintage fabrics, painted linens, embroidered linens, crochet pieces, laces, beads, broaches, ribbons….an amalgamation of stuff.

Embroidered names of family.  Family by blood.  Family by heart.  Family of family.  Some I know.  Some I knew.

I have about 25 names to embroider yet.  Just past the half-way point.

Inspiration taken from the quilt exhibit by Sigolaine Schweitzer at the Sydney Quilt Show last year.

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