Family of Strong Women


“Family of Strong Women” is completed.

Inspiration came from the work of Segolaine Schweitzer.  I saw her work at the Sydney Quilt show in 2018 and was absolutely fascinated by her work.  Her medium is primarily wool whereas I used cottons, lace and linen, but the layering/embroidery inspiration was certainly from her.

Six generations of family and friends, over 70 names and birthdates embroidered on it.

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Bits and pieces layered.  Antique Sanford linens, upholstery fabric, an embroidered broach that my mom made for me about 25 years ago, lace and doilies from a couple friends, ribbon, a needle felted piece from my friend Elizabeth, tea dyed/stained new fabrics, a few painted fabrics left over from Voluptuous Woman.  Hand big stitch quilted with 12 weight floss.  The back was pieced with larger pieces of fabric that I tea dyed/stained.

I thought it would be heavy – but it is surprisingly light.  Probably largely due to the fact that I used Quilt Lite, a woven interfacing used in mens suiting, as the batting.

I enjoy doing these personalised quilts.  Quilts with heart.  Quilts that tell a story.  Yet to do is a label for the back.  I’m planning to make an envelope and then print the names and the story behind the quilt onto photo paper and then tuck those into the envelope.  That’s the plan anyway…


Sydney Quilt Show

Here are a few quilts that caught my eye at the Sydney Quilt Show last week.  There were some stunning quilts at the show but overall, I was a bit underwhelmed.  Underwhelmed with the vendors also.  At first I thought it was me…that I have become a bit jaded to quilting but in talking with others, I wasn’t alone in my thoughts.

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I am being blackmailed by Mr. W.  He has advised me that since I have not blogged for nearly 3 months, that he is going to remove me (or my link) from HIS blog ON THE GRAPEVINE.

Well…here goes….an update on Sweet Fanny Adams.  I’ve started the jigsaw puzzle portion of the process…sewing bits and pieces together.  It’s always a crap shoot on how it turns out – even though I have a fairly good idea of where I’m going with it.

The last 2 pictures are where it is now.  The first 3 photos are the progression/development of the pieces.

My plan is to quilt the snot out of it and that is why I am leaving so much negative space.  I’m also planning to trapunto the letters in order for them to stand out.  And, I might embellish them with hand stitching.

I don’t know if it’s a new term or not…or if I have run across it somewhere else….but I think my ‘style’ could be called “abstract quilting”.  It’s not really “modern” and it’s not really “art”.  I used to call it “wabi-sabi” but I think “abstract quilting” is spot on.





The bottom section


The top section


The 100 day Project

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The 100 Day Project.

Does anyone want to join me?  Click on the link above to read about it.

You choose your thing.  Could be art or craft related or not.  I think it’s a good way to reach a goal or just to play.

No prizes or anything – just personal satisfaction.

I’m going to pledge to do a walk a day and some Kantha/Boro-style stitching daily.  My walk may not be long…but it will involve putting my walking shoes on (i.e. it won’t count to just walk from the couch to the frig and back).  My stitching can be as little as 15 minutes or so as I know it will add up over the 100 days.

If I miss a day…no worries.  No beating myself up.  My 100 days will most likely take more than a 100 days and that’s ok.

Think about it!  You can start any time.

The slide show….some of my favorite quilts from 2018.


“Bespoke” dammit dolls

Here I go swearing again….what is with me lately????  LOL

This is what I’ve been doing in front of the TV at night while searching for a quilt-related hand project.  They are loosely based upon the Dammit Dolls that my mom made and sold about 30+ years ago at craft shows.

They make me smile.  I’m not sure how many more I’ll make but it’s been fun.  No plan…just play.


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