Here are several slide shows from our visit to the Melbourne quilt show.  I’ve tried to include the quilter information but there are a couple that I missed recording the info.

You can see more quilt images on Mr. W’s blog

This first one is work by Carolyn Sullivan.  An amazing artist.  Her stitching…wow.  I first saw her work in Sydney last year.  She did a floor talk that I really enjoyed.  So friendly and personable.

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The next two are from the SAQA challenge called “Turmoil”.  This was an absolutely moving exhibit.  I was in tears reading many of the captions.  These are two of many that caught my eye.  The first one because I want to do a photo quilt called “A family of strong women” with pictures of the women in my family.  The second one because it reminds me of work that I have done – improv type piecing.

Next is from the Quilt-Con exhibit.  Now, I must say, I was underwhelmed by this exhibit. They were perfectly lovely quilts – but they didn’t really warm my heart or inspire me in any deep way.  Well, except for one or two.  One had a political statement relating to Elizabeth Warren so that spoke to me (although I didn’t get a picture of it).  The one that really did speak to me was this one.  Again, it’s in a style similar to mine so perhaps that is why?  I like the negative space around the outside and plan to try something similar with my indigo quilt.  The quilting was gorgeous.






Finally, a few random pictures.

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FMQ practice

Here are 6 FMQ practice pieces I completed recently.  I’m following the free motion quilt challenge being offered by Angela Walters.  Each week we get 1-2 youtube videos with a new pattern or technique to try.  Although I’ve been FMQing for years, it’s always good to do more practice – especially now that Sweetie is back from the hospital.  I was brave and went with black thread so that I could actually SEE my quilting.

These are pieces that one of my quilt peeps gave me to practice on.  She did the embroidery on her machine.  The plan is that she is going to use the quilt-as-you-go method to join them together.


Alcohol Inks

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I’ve been painting lately.  With Alcohol Inks.  On Yupo paper.  I love them!  It is the ultimate in letting go.  In letting the inks do their own thing.  I’m just there to add the inks and move the paper (or tile) around and see what IT (the ink) wants to do.

Oh sure, I could try to make the inks do something specific.  I could try for blooms or landscapes or animals – but I don’t want to.  I just want to see what happens.

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I’ve tried moving the inks with straws, with my hair dryer, with a heat gun, with air-in-a-can.  Some work better than others.

Have no clue what I’m going to do with the pieces – but it doesn’t matter.  I figure it’s easier to stack yupo paper than it is quilts!

I’m still quilting.  If anything, this painting has inspired me and motivated me more with my quilting.

On the quilting front, Sweetie (Sweet 16) is back and rockin’ and rollin’.  I am having so much fun with her.  I finished a disappearing nine patch this morning and have been working on some small practice pieces for my friend Karina.  I’m doing Angela Walter’s Free Motion Quilt Challenge and enjoying it.  I’m running out of things to practice on though.

Karina’s pieces:

Fabric Swap haul


During a weak moment, I signed up for a fabric swap with the Ravelry quilting group.  Although I love the idea of fabric swaps, my frugalness (the small amount of it that I possess) usually keeps me from participating.  The cost of international mailing takes the fun out of it.


The focus for this swap was to eventually use the pieces in some kind of Gees Bend inspired improv piece so we exchanged larger pieces.  When my swap partner asked if I had any requests I told her to send me her uglies.  The uglier the better.

Well, I did NOT get ugly fabric.  I received the most delightful envelope of retro fabrics.  At least one of them is 20 years old as the selvage is still attached.  I cannot wait to use these.  We’re still working out the details for our challenge but I’ll keep you posted.


To say I’m excited about this challenge is an understatement.  ‘Who’d a thunk’ I’d be so excited about retro fabric.  Like I said in the forum, it almost ALMOST makes me want to start haunting op shops in search of retro fabrics (and I’m not a shopper).

Perhaps I should end this with…send me your tired, your old, your ugly fabrics.  I’ll give them a happy home.  Well, I’ll have you send them to my mom or sister so you can keep the mailing costs down.  I’ll pick them up in 2019.

I’m linking to Kaja and Ann for the AHIQ link up tomorrow (if I remember – I forgot last month).   They have a new invitational/challenge going on which you can read about HERE.   I am so far behind on blogs that I haven’t even read it yet – but I’m sure it will be great.  I loved the last challenge issued to use words in our quilts.  I started a new one called “My favourite word is”.  And, I have my double wedding ring quilt, with lots of words, but it isn’t back from the quilter yet.

Anyway – enough from me.  Enjoy your moments – I sure enjoy mine!  xo

9 Improv pieces


Nine more small improv pieces finished and ready to roll up and store on a shelf.  Then again, perhaps I’ll try to sell them.  And if they don’t sell, perhaps I’ll find homes for them.  Who knows.

They started with a challenge I gave myself to work through Maria Shell‘s book Improv Patchwork.  I made it through most of the book before it started to feel like homework so I quit.  I pulled my collection of Cherrywood hand-dyed fabrics and got stuck into it.


The applique circles were my idea.  I’m still into circles.  (I might have to do another squircles-type quilt just to get them out of my system.)

I tried not to put too much thought into any of them – just went with the flow.  Didn’t use a rotary cutter except in the final square up stage.


I hand big stitch quilted 3 of them and then did the rest on the Janome.


Instead of binding them or facing them, I tried a new-to-me technique of using a pillowcase turn.  I’m quite pleased with it.  I did this as my hands are getting old and weary and I want to save them for work I really enjoy and plan to keep.


The pictures aren’t the best.  I struggle to get the color right when taking photos inside.  These were taken outside early morning and they aren’t the best either.  They show the texture well, but the photos don’t do justice to the rich colors that Cherrywood Fabrics produces.  When I win the lottery, I’m going to buy a 1/2 yard of every single one of their fabrics.

I like the first one and the purple one the best.


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