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I received this picture in my inbox today – what a great way to start my day!

It’s a picture of my friend Billye’s bedroom.  On the bed is a quilt I made for her nearly 20 years ago.  And her message….”Every where I look I see a bit of you and know I am loved. Thank you.”

It gives this quilter a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know her quilts are loved and appreciated.


Zebra on Acid finished

Modified pattern called Fandango by Karen Griska.   All from the scrap bag.  LOVE string quilts.



Binding on Lisa’s quilts

A few years ago I was going through quilt tops that I had made and that I didn’t think I would ever finish.  I offered them to family members with the stipulation that they have them finished (as opposed to just sitting in a tote!).  My SIL selected 4 of them.  This year, she had them quilted and while back in the USA, I bound them for her.  She is SO appreciative – I loved the smiles on her face as I finished them up.


IMG_3665 IMG_3671

This is a picture taken from the back porch at my Bro & SIL’s place.  What a magical place to spend a few days.  Reading, quilting, yoga, bon fire, s’mores, fishing, boat ride, hammerschlagen, great food, laughter, family love…..we can’t wait to go back.


Quilt Retreat

Three of my favourite peeps planned a quilt retreat to celebrate me having a quilt in the Houston Quilt Show.  They rented the Presidential Suite and we shopped, ate, quilted, watched movies, laughed and simply hung out and enjoyed each others company for 2 days.  It was wonderful!

While shopping downtown, we kept coming across zombies.  Zombies in all shapes and sizes and stages of dress.  What was happening?  Well, of course it was the annual Zombie parade!  By late afternoon, we were in our room (with our beverages of choice) watching the parade from above.  After hanging out the window trying to get photos, we smartened up and raced downstairs for some up close and personal photos.  It was a blast!  Thanks again girlfriends!


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