Felted, cut and folded wool

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Vintage Spin


Or as I like to call it…..Hippy Hippy Shake.  Here’s the video that inspired that name:

This one is finished and off to its new home!



This was a pattern from Kathy Doughty‘s book Adding Layers.  I bought the book specifically because I liked the look of this quilt.  Kathy’s version had a simple circle at the centre of each block – I, of course, had to change it up just a little bit.

I used a technique by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company fame for the appliquéd square and circle.  You use iron on interfacing.  Thanks Annette for pointing it out to me – it worked like a charm.  Only thing I would have done differently is used charcoal coloured interfacing rather than white since my fabrics are dark.


I enjoyed the piecing although I must not have been 100% accurate with my seams as the blocks ended up slightly bigger than they should have been.  Cutting them didn’t help because then I had bias edges to deal with.  One block even ended up the wrong size – but I used it anyway.  (Reference my rule book:  Good enough is good enough.)  The quilting somewhat hides it and hopefully with a wash and hot dry, the bamboo batting will wrinkle up to hide the puckers even more.


Regardless of puckers, I’m confident it will be loved and used.  I like the idea of the recipient curled up in front of the TV or with a book, thinking of me.  (Perhaps my legacy is wrapping people in love with quilts?)

For quilting, I did a swirl in the circle and a wavy line on every-other plate.  This was after I ditch stitched each block to hold it all in place.


I do like it.  I also like that I used a lot (40 total) of the florals that have been collected over the years; bits and pieces from fat quarter packs or left overs from other quilts.  Looking at them individually, a person would think twice about putting them together but as a whole I think they all work together.  Go figure.



Giggle with a Jiggle



This is the latest Mindy Ross KAL called Giggle with a Jiggle.  I’m using the merino/cashmere yarn that I bought in Canberra.  It’s beautiful to work with.  As it’s a sport weight, it’s a little heavier but it is so soft and with the 4.5mm needles I think it will be perfect for our winters.  This will be mine – I’m loving the stitches.  I find the knitting of stockinette stitch pleasurable.  I think it’s the mindlessness of it.  Basically, I don’t like to work too hard at anything.

And here’s a finished picture of Settler Shawl.

These are my last 2 shawl – for awhile.  I think I’ve made 7 or more shawls in the last year or so.  Ridiculous.  A girl can only wear so many shawls with her pyjamas and yoga pants.  I’m on a self imposed shawl making diet for now.  I think I might try knitting a bag of some sort – to be felted.


New Rules for quilting


I’m working on a list of my new rules for quilting.  Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Nothing bigger than 36×36”
  2. Design my own patterns/designs – no more following someone else’s patterns.  Use patterns for inspiration but change at least one thing.
  3. If I don’t enjoy doing it – STOP.
  4. When the thought comes into my mind “what are you going to do with this” – immediately take action to remove the thought.  (like tell the voice to “shut the F**K up!”)
  5. Think ART not FUNCTION.
  6. Have fun. (See #3 for follow-up.)
  7. Less (or NO) production.  More enjoyment.
  8. No stash building.  Only buy what I need.
  9. Think SELFISH.  (That’s not a bad thing.)

What do you think?  Have I left anything out?




Circle Games


This is another Jen Kingwell pattern – The Circle Games.  It’s hand pieced.  It will be a long term project.  I’m using the remainder of my Japanese taupe fabrics for the blocks.  The background, accent and border pieces were found at Steph’s in Moruya (my most favourite quilt shop!).  I can’t believe how perfect they are with the Japanese fabrics.

Here is the original pattern:



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