Thank you Mr. W!

Look what Mr W built for me!  I love it, love it, love it.  I’m going to sweet talk him into making me another one.  I hate keeping quilts folded up and on a shelf so this takes 4 of them out of the closet.



And these are our two new built-ins (before painting).  The three door one is in our room, the smaller one is in what will become my yoga room.  It was new chest of drawers or built-ins.  I’m glad we went with the built-ins.  Now…..to find baskets to fit in the cubicles and then fill it up.




I’ve had several failures lately.  My knitting and crochet muse has gone totally and completely missing since I finished Mr. W’s socks.

Whispered Memories – My May KAL project.  Frogged twice.  The beading is a bit cumbersome but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.  Twice I dropped stitches and couldn’t find them so pulled the whole thing out in frustration.


Tectonic Cowl – My May CAL project.  Frogged.  Had it 1/2 finished but just KNEW I wasn’t going to be happy with it.  I didn’t like the color combination once I got started.  Then, my stitch count wasn’t right but I figured I could live with that.  Then my stripes weren’t even but I kept barreling on until FINALLY – I decided I wasn’t going to like it so it was time to frog it.  Rip-it, Rip-it.

tectonic scarf


Charmed Forest – My April CAL project.  Frogged.  I actually discovered errors in the pattern that the designer was unaware of.  That’s how anal I am about following patterns.  I had such high hopes for this as my March CAL went so swimmingly – but…..FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.

Kelly’s frothy crocheted scarf – In frustration, I decided to go with something VERY simple.  Something with a big hook.  So I tried this one.  Have you ever tried to crochet with a GINORMOUS hook and sock yarn?  I simply could not get the hang of it.

Where does this leave me?  FRUSTRATED AS ALL GET OUT!  I’ve packed all my knitting and crocheting CRAP into a suitcase and shoved it into the back of the closet.  Consider it in hibernation.  And, I’m not going to visit ANY Ravelry forums (except the quilting related one) for awhile.

And yes……I’m having a little HISSY FIT!  Complete with swearing.

Yes. I’m nuts.

All from scraps.

Here’s the progress on my latest leader/ender project – FANtabulicious fandango.  One inch strips and telephone book pages.





And 20 (of 40) bordered nine-patch blocks.  One & 1/2″ strips.



Don’t rub it in.  I already admitted I was nuts.  ha!

Wonky Basket #2

IMG_2877 IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2880 IMG_2881 IMG_2882  IMG_2889

Wonky Basket #2 Finished!

Recap:  These were left over blocks from my Wonky Basket #1 quilt.  Border was paper pieced.  Front was embellished with embroidered sayings, flowers and doilies.  Back was coffee stained, painted, stencilled and stamped onto white Moda fabric.  Quilting was done with Finca #12 cotton, big stitch style, in overlapping concentric circles in the center.  Batting is Quilters Light.

“She was Done”


From Elephant Journal…..a piece called “She was Done” by Adrienne Pieroth.  It’s long but so worth the read.  It reminds me of one of my favorite writings “She let go” by Ernest Holmes

Here are the first few lines:

She was done not fully being herself.

She realized she was the only self she could be—and not being unapologetically true to herself was a disservice to her soul and the world.

She was done listening to the noise of the world. She realized the quiet voice of her own soul was the most beautiful sound.

She was done questioning her motives, her intentions, the call of her soul. She realized questions seek answers, and maybe she already knew the answers.

She was done striving, forcing, pushing through and staying on the hard path. She realized toughing things out might be a sign to pick another path.

She was done with friends that admonished her to be more light and breezy. She realized they didn’t understand she swam in the deep waters of life, she felt at home in their dark depths and died if she lived on the surface.



Here is a piece of art I found on Google Images.  I love it.


I’m currently reading Living Beautifully by Pema Chodron, Buddhist teacher.  I think she’s my most favourite non-fiction writer of all time.  I have many of her audio programs from Sounds True that I listen to often (especially when I can’t sleep).



In a couple hours, Anabelle and I are taking off for a weekend quilt retreat in a lovely setting on the river.  About 40 women all following their passions for the weekend.  I’m looking forward to it.


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