One of our local quilt shops, The Quilting Patch in Nowra, NSW  has introduced a new English Paper Piecing (EPP) product called Eppiflex into the quilt market!

My hope is that she is wildly successful in this new venture!  I always like to give support to new business ideas and especially those ideas that come from women.  The bonus is that she is an incredibly nice and generous woman.

So, what is Eppiflex?  It is a flexible & reusable replacement for the papers used for EPP.   To me, it has a lightweight plastic ‘feel’ to it.  It has a hole in the middle for those people that use pins to baste and it has slots where you would typically fold your paper pieces.

This is the blurb from Danni’s website:

Our Eppiflex templates are

  • laser cut for precision – for more accurate piecing.
  • cut with a patented design which enables them to bend when you need them to.
  • strong and durable – reuse again and again
  • Transparent for fussy cutting and precise positioning.
  • heat resistant, so great for our “starch now, sew later” technique. 
  • hard at their edges – no more sewn in card. Templates remove easily without stressing the seams.
  • whip stitch or ladder stitch friendly!

This is what the 1 & 1/4″ diamond looks like:



You can either thread baste these little templates or use a method that Danni calls “starch now, sew later” .  I tried both methods.

IMG_0787 (1)

I enjoyed using the thread baste technique.  It was a piece of cake and I’m typically a glue baster with papers.  The starch method didn’t work quite as well for me.  The templates slipped out while I was sewing.  However, thinking back on my technique, I didn’t use that little bit of glue that is suggested  so I probably should go back and try it again.



The nicest thing about these templates is how reusable they are.  I decided to use the 1 & 1/4″ diamond template and make little building blocks (3 diamonds per block).  I used a light, medium and dark fabric – keeping the medium fabric the same on all the blocks.

Here is a picture of several of the building blocks sewn together.


At this point, all the Eppiflex templates are still in the piece, but I could remove all the centre templates, reuse them to make more blocks and then attach those to the outside.  Since my piece is scrappy, this makes it easy to use.

The only drawback I found, if you want to call it that, is that if you want to wait until all your blocks are completed before laying them out and sewing them together, you would need a lot of the templates and that could get more expensive than paper pieces/templates.

One of the main benefits for me was that when stitching my pieces together, I didn’t ‘grab’ the paper.  My needle just seemed to slide past the edge of the Eppiflex smoothly.

The flexibility of the product is a huge bonus in my estimation.  They just feel better and lighter in my hand to the heavier paper pieces.  My hands take a beating in so many of the things I do that it is worth it to me to have products that make my enjoyment and ease of use factor higher.

Cost?  There are various prices – depending upon size of template and package size.  A packet of 50 1 & 1/2″ 45 or 60 degree diamonds is $15; 200 of the 36 degree 1 & 1/4″ diamonds is listed at $20.  But keep in mind that they are reusable.  And, Danni and her main squeeze will cut any size you need.

My thought is that when I get ready to start on my Lucy of the Crosses quilt, since that only requires 2 shapes, I will be buying these.  And, if I decide to do a scrappy hexagon piece like my friend Susan made (all beige fabrics, stunning in its simplicity), this product will be perfect.

Good luck Danni!  Like I said, I hope you are wildly successful with this product.


AHIQ link-up


I’ve become a less consistent blogger.  Sometimes I think about not blogging but I guess I’ll just keep plugging along and blogging when I feel like it.

Today I’m doing my AHIQ (Ad Hock Improv Quilt) link-up  (Edit:  I just realised that I’m a week early.  Last month I was late.  Go figure!).  Just a drive-through post of what I’ve been working on.  Some improv and one quite traditional (who knew?).

Voluptuous Woman/Body positivity:  Background is dyed/painted/stenciled/written onto a embroidered linen tablecloth that my friend A gave me.  Voluptuous woman drawing was made by her dear daughter (thanks B!).  I’ve made a pattern using techniques learned from the book Pictorial Art Quilt by Leni Levenson Weiner.  I’m using beige crumb piecing for the body base and then using 3-5 toned fabrics for shading.  I don’t have the shading pieces quite right yet – still searching.  Next step is to trace this pattern onto freezer paper.


The second improv I’m working on is a challenge by Sherri Lynn Wood’s FB group called 2017Score2.  Our parameters were:

LIMIT 1: Pull orphan blocks, never pieced blocks, or a pieced top (or all 3!) that you just never loved enough to finish. Chop it up, slash it, separate it, reconfigure it, overdye it, etc…manipulate it in any way you like to form the foundation of your new piece.

LIMIT 2: Use any of the fabrics from your scrap bin to develop out the rest of your design. 
Any prints you use should ONLY come from your scraps.

LIMIT 3: You have the option to purchase TWO SOLIDS specifically for this project to help balance it/fill it out. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED — your scrap stash might have plenty of multiple solids to work with — just remember: if its in your scrap bin, then its fair game!
(Solids can be new yardage, thrifted garments, fabric you bartered for…whatever your own definition of “purchase” is!)

LIMIT 4: Utilize contrast “grouting” to join the more randomly shaped, or unevenly sized sections.


I’m using some Japanese taupe crumb blocks and slicing/grouting with red and charcoal.  Trying to keep it to my 18×20″ size range.  So far, I like where I’m going with it.  Hope to have more time this weekend to dig into it.


And here is the traditional work I’ve been doing:  Hexagons.  From The New Hexagon book and Glorious Hexagon booklet.  About 50 done.  50-60 to go.  Nuts, right?  😉  Surprisingly, I am really enjoying doing these.  They are the perfect project for travel.  Perfect for sitting in front of TV.  Perfect for sitting in the front room gazing out the window at the cows munching in the paddock.  I’m even considering starting another EPP (English Paper Piecing) project when this one is finished – perhaps Lucy and the Crosses?

A local quilt shop has come up with a new EPP product that I will be doing a blog post on soon.  I’ve been playing with her product this week and think it’s really slick.  Stay tuned for details!



My Entered Quilts

Here are the quilts I entered into the local show.  Yes.  Nine of them.  NINE!  Trust me – I’ve received a bit of flack about this.  I’m not sure if the comments were meant to be snarky?  Were the people who made the comments jealous?  Thoughtless?  Or, am I simply being overly sensitive?  Who knows and frankly – I’m beyond caring.

If there was a non-judged category in the show – that is where I would enter my quilts as I prefer not to be judged but there isn’t.  So, that leaves me in a bit of a quandary.  Do I enter into the judged categories or do I not enter ANY quilts in the local show?  I have the opinion that a person should support their community when they can.  If no one enters quilts – there won’t be a quilt show.

I make quilts.  I make A LOT of quilts.  Frankly – I could easily have entered twice as many quilts as I did simply because quilting is my THING.  I breathe. I meditate.  I do yoga.  I drink wine.  And, I quilt.  I quilt A LOT.  I wake up at night thinking of quilting.  I don’t garden.  I only clean when I have to.  I don’t have a family that needs attention.  I don’t watch much TV.  My eyes burn when I read.  My phone rarely rings.  The internet bores me.

Did I mention that I quilt?

Ok – rant over.

I am so grateful for those people – both online and in real life – that DO support me and encourage me.  I have some lovely friends who genuinely congratulated me on my wins!  And, Mr. W supports me in my quilting (and LIFE) endeavours completely.  What more could a woman ask for?  Nothing more as far as I’m concerned.  Huge thank you and hugs to my support team!  You know who you are.

I received 2 first place finishes, 1 second place finish and 2 commendable awards.  I was also awarded Most Successful Exhibitor and received a beautiful silk scarf from a local artisan.

Sue Spargo-inspired Wool Applique – 2nd prize


Sushi – 1st Prize




Bubbles – 1st prize



Grey Improv – commendable (3rd)



Fried Eggs – nothin’


Orange Improv – nothin’



Hundred Waters – nothin’


January Mighty Lucky Quilt Challenge – nothin’


Under the bridge (This is my most favourite one!!!) – commendable




Milton Quilt Show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last one to the party?

My plan, thanks to the encouragement of SueK, was to do the Ad Hock Improv Quilters Link-up  AHIQ link-up each month.  I’m a little behind as Tuesday was the date for February.

Here are two improv pieces I’m working on.  Both were challenges from Sherri Lynn Wood’s Facebook group.

This one started from a picture that was posted in the FB group of a building.  I did some cut and paste work with Photoshop elements and came up with an idea.  I’m not totally over the moon about it but I think with quilting it will improve.  It’s small – 17×20-ish.


This was my photoshop mock-up that I was working from:


Next is a group score that we put together.  We were to use an unusual fabric or a fabric you didn’t love (mine is a pink linen tablecloth that was used for the background).  Another element of the quilt was the idea of a ‘deconstructed New York Beauty block’.

This is what I came up with.  The black spots are tears.  Lady Liberty is crying.  I pulled in more pinks (thanks to my peeps that contributed pink scraps!) to tie in with the Pink Pussyhat project.  I used Misty Fuze and raw edge stitching.  Again, I’m not 100% thrilled with it but am treating it as a learning experiment.  17×20-ish in size.


And finally, here’s my take on Chinese Coins.  I made this baby quilt sized top with left overs from the bibs and my bright scrap bag.  It was quick and easy.  I did freeform cutting on the coin strips but did use the ruler to square up the three sections.  I tie dyed a linen tablecloth (thanks Bev!) in pink (thanks Jenny for the dye packet!) that I will use for the back.  My plan is to get it quilted yet this week – probably in a very simple walking foot pattern.


So, that’s it for this week.  Three pieces that need to be quilted.  In between quilting these 3, I’ll be prepping my next 15 Glorious Hexagon blocks.  I’ll post pictures of them soon.  I’m really enjoying the EPP (English Paper Piecing) process this time.  I think because there is variety in the blocks rather than just one hexagon after another.  Plus, selecting the fabrics is fun.

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