Milton Quilt Show

Slide shows of the quilts on display at the Milton quilt show in Ulladulla NSW, Australia.  There were just over 90 quilts on display.

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Milton Quilt Show

Our local quilt show is this coming weekend and I have nine quilts in it.  Yes.  Nine.  I submitted four with completed paperwork and photos.  I also gave the committee chair 5 additional quilts that fit the criteria and could be used if needed.  Typically the show has 100-120 quilts in it.  By the deadline, only 30 odd quilts had been submitted.  The call went out and we now have a suitable amount of quilts so it should be a great show.

The quilt group (Milton Quilters) tends to be a ‘front’ for charity work and eating.  Every other year, we do a raffle quilt (and quilt show) with proceeds going to the local hospital auxiliary.  The quilt we made this year is stunning.  All of the flowers were hand appliqued with the tiniest of button hole stitching.   The gorgeous quilting was done by member Robyn Kelly.

We also do a ton of craft items for the “crafty ladies” stall.   These items aren’t your typical craft show crap…we have some HIGH END crap that we have made!  Last week five of us spent 4+ hours pricing and marking the donations.

All this said, if you are in the Ulladulla area, be sure and stop by the Library/Civic Center between 10 and 4 on Saturday and Sunday, June 9 & 10.  $5 admission.  You won’t be disappointed.

And, if you AREN’T in the Ulladulla area, I’ll be sure to take pictures and do a blog post of the lovely quilts on display.


Non-Huzzbund Quilt


Warning:  Long post with lots of photos ahead.

This is our NON-Huzzzbund quilt.  An improv double wedding ring inspired by the quilts in the book Double Wedding Ring Quilts – Tradition made Modern  by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.


I used mostly my Japanese taupe scraps to crumb piece many of the melons and centers.  I used several different prints for the rest of it.

I believe I started doing the crumb piecing as a leader/ender project in June/July 2017.  The centers and melons were put together at our Lillipilli retreat in August.

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After I had the quilt put together into 2 chunks, I did a fair amount of embroidery on the blocks.  My plan was to embroider ‘stuff’ that represented Mr. W and my life together.  I would sit on the couch in front of the TV and we’d chat about what I should embroider that night.  We actually had a list of ideas on the arm of the couch that we would reference and add ideas to.

You know how you have those little SECRET things you say to each other?  Those cheeky little comments?  Those special little moments that make you smile?  Well, a lot of those secrets and situations were embroidered on the top.  Some of them are private, some aren’t.  Some of them are abbreviated (BMWA) and some of them aren’t (shut the fuckin’ door!).  Some I would share the meaning with you if you asked – others I would just smile and let you guess.  All have stories behind them.

I included cows (we have 7 Murray Greys), our passports, names of local beaches, our birthdates and names, a surfer (have I ever told you about my unfortunate surfing accident????) and rugby references (DrewBaby & Dr. Sharon!).  Also included was just random crazy quilt embroidery on the crumb pieced blocks.


As this is an amazingly special quilt to me (and Mr. W), we decided to splash out and have Christine Fahey, an amazing quilter from Moruya, quilt it for us.  My instructions to her were to simply have fun and not to over quilt it.  She did an absolute gorgeous job on it.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The quilting is whimsical and fits so perfectly with the feel of the quilt.  She added to the conversation of the quilt.  One example….sometimes Mr. W or I will say to the other….”You don’t mean that, do you?”.  Well, Chris quilted “of course not!” next to that comment.


We have the quilt hung in the yoga room right now.  Mainly I put it there in order to make sure it is hanging straight (it IS!) as it will be in the local quilt show in June.  Once the show is over I think I want us to have it in the TV room to curl up under.  A quilt like this needs to be used, not folded up on a shelf.


It is absolutely my most favorite quilt I have ever made (and I’ve made a LOT of quilts).  I love many of the quilts I have made – but to me, this one takes the cake.  It might not be the most perfectly sewn quilt I’ve ever made – but it has my heart in it.  It has our love in it.  Who knows where this quilt will end up but I hope that when someone, someday is looking at this quilt and trying to figure out something about the person who made it…I hope they at least figure out that we were totally and completely in love and enjoying life to the max.


Non-Lucy Boston finish



I’ve been fascinated with the Lucy Boston quilt (and her story) for many years but it has always felt a little too overwhelming to start.  Then Danni, from The Quilting Patch and Eppiflex came out with her templates for English Paper Piecing.  I still have not been motivated to actually do a Lucy Boston quilt, but I used the templates to make this design (the center part).  I think I have about 50 shades of grey.  I used these as a travel project to the USA last year.  And, I LOVE the Eppiflex product.  HIGHLY recommend it.

The triangle border is improv pieced and the outer fabric is from Frond Designs.  I bought the fabric at Fern Hill Gifts, Quilts and Antiques last year (an amazing shop and they are fabulous at personal shopping for you also!).  The back is also a Frond fabric which a friend of mine found here in Australia.  The green on the back is fabric I painted as I didn’t have enough of the tree of life fabric.

The quilting was done on the Sweet 16 with the design help of Ms. A and Sista Kay.  I also used techniques I learned in the latest Angela Walters FMQ quilt challenge (it was free and another one is starting May 13) and a couple of her rulers.

As I was folding the quilt up after taking pictures, I discovered that I had left one of the plastic Eppiflex templates in one of the pieces.  It has actually been quilted into the quilt.  Go figure.

And the wood pile?  Well, we finally finished moving the wood (2 ute loads) to the wood shed.  We’re ready for winter.  Figure we’ll be lighting a fire before the end of the week if the cold and wet forecast is correct.


WeCroak quote

A month ago or so, I heard about an app called “WeCroak“.  I think I heard about it on Dan Harris’s 10% Happier podcast or maybe it was Sam Harris’s Waking Up podcast .

For US$1 (one time fee), I get up to 5 messages a day that say “don’t forget…you’re going to die”.  It may sound pessimistic, but I find it positive.  It reminds me to take things lightly.  To not stress.  It reminds me that everything and everyone is impermanent.  It helps me live my life the way I want to live it.  It keeps me in the moment instead of the past or the future.

With those 5 messages, you can click to get a quote.  This is one of those quotes.

IMG_2466 (1)

On a quilting note, I’ve agreed to teach a 2 day workshop in August so I’ve started doing a little more prep work for that.  I have the basics of the workshop already prepared as I did two demos last month on the same idea that I will be teaching.  I resisted for a long time – but I really did enjoy the demos so decided ‘why not’?  I’ll be teaching 6 simple improv blocks and then ideas for putting them together.  I’m billing it as a PLAYDATE with your scrap bag.  No stress.  No pressure.  No Quilt Police.  Just hang out with me for 2 days and sew.  I think it might be fun.



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