Zebra on Acid (aka Fandango)

Progress on another quilt – two borders to go.





IMG_3413 IMG_3414 (1)

IMG_3415 (1) IMG_3416

Wool Sampler



IMG_3400 IMG_3406 IMG_3407

Finished.  I ended up FMQing it.  Heavily quilted in the background of each block.  Some of the blocks are from books/patterns/magazines I’ve collected over the years.  Some are created from things I’ve seen online.  I used cotton fabric for the binding.

Lessons learned:

  1.  If you match your thread, it’s hard to see where you’ve been and where you need to go.  This seems to be a bigger issue on wool than cotton.  I suppose because most of the wool pieces weren’t solid.
  2. Seams in a wool quilt are much more of a problem than seams in a cotton quilt.  They bunch up.
  3. Even using bamboo batting and a cotton back, wool quilts get VERY heavy.

This quilt won’t win any awards but it is pleasing to the eye.  I’m not sure that I will do another largish wool quilt but I’ll continue to play with smaller pieces.  I’d love to do some wool pincushions at some point.  Plus, I have a huge pile of wool and acid dyes that are just waiting to be worked with.

This quilt would be good in the backseat or trunk of a car for winter emergencies.

Whispered Memories

IMG_3372 IMG_3376

My latest knitting.  It’s called Whispered Memories by Mindy Ross available on Ravelry.  My first project using beads and the fleegle beader (available on Etsy).  My first project using Chiagoo needles and lifelines.  Wolle’s color changing cotton was used in Pimento with a Chilli end.  It stretched my patience.  It isn’t perfect but I like it.

And now…..I’m on a knitting holiday.  No more knitting or crocheting until September.  I have a new Mindy Ross KAL that I’ll probably do starting September 10th called Giggle with a Jiggle.  In the meantime, I have a couple quilt projects that need attention!  And I still want to get back to painting.  I see Serena Barton has a new book out, Wabi Sabi painting with Cold Wax.  LOVE her stuff but haven’t gotten through the projects in her first book yet.  I’ll put her new book on my wish list.


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