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PG_0202-02WARNING:  This post contains EXPLICIT language.  Yes…..I use the “F” word frequently.  Mom (and Annabelle and anyone else who doesn’t like my colourful language)…..I’d suggest you refrain from reading as I know you don’t like it when I swear.

This is what I wrote to a friend yesterday:

It’s rainy today.  I’m over in the little house holed up.  Having a bit of an epiphany……always like it when that happens.  
I’ve decided that I no longer care how many WIP/UFOs I have.  Life is so frickin’ short that I’m only going to work on what I want to work on.  I don’t care (anymore) if I have a hundred UFOs when I can no longer quilt or when I exit this earth.  Really……who cares?  It’s not like I’m making quilts for anyone specific (except that retirement quilt for K3 and I’m waiting on him at this point to mail me more shirts).  
If I never finish another project – does it matter?  What?  One less quilt for a homeless person to curl up in?  What-the-fuck-ever.  They can go to Goodwill and get a Walmart blanket.  
From now on – I’m only going to work on what I want to work on – what I have a PASSION to work on.  Maybe it will be a UFO – but maybe it will be something new and exciting.  Or maybe it will be just sewing random strips of fabric together while I ponder the fuzz in my navel.  Or, maybe I’ll finally pull out the paints again and get moving in another direction.  
Who knows…..and really……who cares but me?  No one really gives a fuck about anyone else (creatively speaking).  Certainly no one gives a fuck about my creative ideas.  And, perhaps they really shouldn’t.  Perhaps  (creatively) it IS all about me, me, me.  And perhaps it should be that way.  I don’t know.  (And quite honestly…..today I don’t care.)
Anyway……after having these thoughts – I packed up a UFO that I had brewing on my design wall.  They were left over blocks from a mystery quilt.  I made double the blocks (no clue why) and so I felt like I needed to put them together into a quilt.  It was an unfinished project.  You MUST finish your projects, right?  Who’s voice is this anyway?  It’s time to shut the voice up and just do whatever the hell I want to do.
And so I did.  Yesterday, I did whatever-the-hell I wanted to do creatively.  And I’m going to do the same thing today.  This morning, at 3:30AM, I woke up thinking about the improv string scores I worked on yesterday.  Yesterday I was confused about how to proceed.  In the quiet early hours of morning – I had an idea and can’t wait to give it a try.
Now though, it time for yoga.  I have a new online workshop by J Brown.  So far I’m liking it.  His focus is breath centered yoga.  Slow, but certainly not easy.  Currently, I prefer online to live yoga classes.  I came to the realisation that although there are good (and great) yoga teachers out there – the local ones don’t offer me what I need and want.  I want hands-on teaching and guidance.
The only two teachers I ever REALLY have gotten that from was a Iyengar teacher by the name of Margee and a student teacher by the name of Kate.  Margee and I didn’t really hit it off well, but she was a great hands-on teacher.  Life got in the way of Kate and she no longer teaches.
Granted – I don’t get hands-on teaching from my online teachers either – but it is no different than teachers TELLING the class to do something but not specifying to which student they are directing that message to.  With body dysmorphia, how do I know if they are telling ME to adjust my pose or talking to the person next to me?  I’m not a mind reader.
Bottom line?  Right now, I prefer my own little yoga studio and my online options (YIN yoga with Ekhart Yoga being my current favourite).  I’m headed there now.

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Quilt Retreat

Three of my favourite peeps planned a quilt retreat to celebrate me having a quilt in the Houston Quilt Show.  They rented the Presidential Suite and we shopped, ate, quilted, watched movies, laughed and simply hung out and enjoyed each others company for 2 days.  It was wonderful!

While shopping downtown, we kept coming across zombies.  Zombies in all shapes and sizes and stages of dress.  What was happening?  Well, of course it was the annual Zombie parade!  By late afternoon, we were in our room (with our beverages of choice) watching the parade from above.  After hanging out the window trying to get photos, we smartened up and raced downstairs for some up close and personal photos.  It was a blast!  Thanks again girlfriends!


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This last weekend we had three Buddhist monks in our small community creating a mandala to bring peace.

They offered a guided meditation with Buddhist nun Ani Pema each morning and I was fortunate enough to be able to go on Saturday.  After the guided meditation, the 3 monks did a chanting meditation prior to getting to work on their mandala.

Their chanting was one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.  It rates right up there with my experience with crystal singing bowls.  Simply amazing.  These obviously aren’t the monks that I listened to, but if you’re interested, this gives you an idea of their sound.

After chanting, the monks continued working on the sand mandala.  They use dyed crushed marble and create the mandala on a foam/rubber mat grain by grain.  The device they use was like a long cylinder/funnel (maybe 16-18 inches?) and looked to be copper.  They would rest this long cylinder/funnel on a pillow with one hand/arm and tap on the cylinder with another bone-like tool.  It was fascinating to watch.

This particular Manjushri mandala is aimed at alleviating suffering and bringing peace and harmony to the universe.


Once completed, there will be a dissolution ceremony with the sand returned to the ocean as a reminder that all things are impermanent.

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I took the Australian citizenship test last Monday.  I passed with 95%!  I’ve received my letter and now I just need to attend an Australian Citizenship Ceremony and take the oath.  This will have to wait until after our next overseas trip as I’ll need a new passport and timing can be tricky.

To say I am excited and pleased is an understatement!  Thanks Mr. W for all your hard work on my application.  And, I can sing the Australian National Anthem with gusto as I know all the words, at least to the first verse (I drove Mr. W crazy with my practicing).

Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I’d ever live in another country – let alone be a citizen of another country.  Pretty wild for a ‘Spring Valley’ girl.

Break open the bubbly!

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