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Another winter finish.  This one is called Camelot.  It is a Trish Harper pattern that was free through the French quilt magazine Quilt Mania. (still available for purchase on Etsy).  It is hand pieced and hand quilted.  I used Quilters Dream Request batting in it so it is very light weight.  A good stack of William Morris fabrics was used plus contributions from a few friends.  I quilted it with Presencia/Finca 12 wt thread in big stitch style.


It is a big quilt…90×90…fits the top of our King Size bed.


I don’t know that I ever want to do another hand quilted King Size quilt again but it did finish rather rapidly (well, after 3-4 months) while watching 45 rugby world cup games the last 6 weeks.  Yes, I love rugby!  Our team, the Wallabies, didn’t win or even do well – which was expected.  However, I did wear my Wallabies jersey for each game they played.  It has now been washed and retired for another season. 

My second favorite team, The Brave Blossoms, did a crack-up job and surprised everyone.  South Africa came away with the top prize and there were certainly heartwarming tales to come from their side.  The first black captain of the South African rugby team, Siya Kolisi,  was raised by his grandmother in poverty, struggled to have food, walked 10 miles to school without shoes.  Hopefully rugby will help bring healing to a ravaged country.


Many people have embraced quick and easy projects.  Many people I know are loving using embroidery machines.  To each their own.  Everyone must find what feeds their creativity and the time they have available.  I find that I continue to embrace the slow.  Slow stitching.  There is a place for all styles and levels of quilting but for several years now, I have been gravitating toward slowing things down.  It started nearly 20 years ago when I discovered something called “Slow Travel”.  Then there was the slow food movement.  And eventually, the last few years, the “Slow Stitch” movement.  Even my improv machine work is slow.  Slow is where it is for me right now.




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Magnolia – done and dusted.  A Sue Spargo inspired pattern.  Most of it is her design with the exception of the centre house block.  That inspiration came from a google search.  Sue’s house was just too ‘normal’.

Most of the wool was hand-dyed by me.  Dharma acid dye.

Back is flannel, batting wool.  It’s a heavy sucker.  It was NOT a joy to quilt.  It’s finished though.  I’m guessing I’ll never do another wool appliqué quilt again.

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The second finish is The Circle Games by Jen Kingwell.  This was the first hand pieced quilt I’ve ever made.  As with the wool appliqué quilt – this is another technique that I’m not sure I’ll ever do again.  I love the finished project – but I wasn’t that thrilled with the process.  There are too many other things I really enjoy doing to do things I DON’T enjoy doing.  It was worth a try though.

The original pattern had a different border but I changed it to appliquéd circles.  Now go figure…..I DO like to hand appliqué and hope to get another hand appliqué project prepped at some point in the near future.  I hand quilted this one – Finca 12wt.  Batting is Quilt Lite.  I love that combination.  Makes for a light weight quilt perfect for our climate.

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And HERE is a picture of a delightful present I received in the mail last week from my dear friend Kris.  I am loving the book by Kathy Doughty – such eye candy.  If her store was more accessible to me, I know I would do serious damage there.  And the pop-up bin (made by Kris) is perfect.  It’s already over in the little house set up and being used.


Now – it’s time to do some yoga and meditation.  The Wallabies play the All Blacks tonight.  I’m not confident of a win but I am always hopeful.  I support the Wallabies but I love watching the All Blacks play.  They are simply AMAZE-BALLS!  They are seriously in a class all their own.  And I know I’ll pay for saying it…..but I miss The Cheat (Richie McCaw).  He has a movie coming out, you know?  🙂

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Our ‘boys’ have been training hard.  Rugby World Cup starts today.  They are in what the media is calling ‘the pool of death’.  Hopefully they make it out into round 2.  We’ve already scouted potential viewing locations for when we’re away from home.  Priorities, you know?  My Wallabies jersey will be worn with pride!

If you have nothing better to do, Google Image search on “Drew Mitchell Adam Ashley Cooper”.  I’ve just spent 5 minutes laughing at all their cheeky pictures.  What characters they must be!

matt drew&aac phipps poey who is this? drewbaby

Adam Ashley-Cooper and Drew Mitchell 2 (Small)drewbaby

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Or you could call this ‘works in progress’.

I haven’t really finished anything the last few weeks but I have worked on the following:

Cowl 1 knitting finished.  Still need to block and stitch ends together.

Cowl 2:  3 of 8 repeats completed  (I really like this pattern and feel so DARN clever that I am actually SORTA doing a cable pattern!)

FMQing and binding applied to Civil War mini-quilt 1

Straight line quilting and binding applied to Civil War mini-quilt 2

Boro-style (big stitch) hand quilting and binding applied to small Traveler’s Quilt

Fabric selected for baby bibs

Fabric selected for triple zip pouches

Fabric cut out for dress for Ruby

Embroidery work started for a bag I’m hoping to finish before our trip

OH!  Here are two finishes…….I found these little Bond onesies on sale and added a little embroidery for the soon-to-arrive Zellmer girl-child.


And here’s a couple pillows that I made for the lounge room.

IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066

My Hancocks of Paducah order arrived so I’m prepping the backs for Mr. W’s quilt and my New York Beauty.  Thursday the quilt gals are getting together for a sewing day and several of us have quilts to pin baste.  Shared work makes for easier work!

Recovery is going well.  I did 2 yoga classes this week in addition to walking 4 days.  Next week I think I’ll venture OFF the flat and back into the bush/hills behind our place and see how I go.  Monday it’s a visit to the MD in Sydney for follow-up and to find out when I can swing my bells again.

And now?  It’s time for Rugby!  First we’ll watch a New Zealand game and then it’s the 3rd test of the British & Irish Lion’s Tour.  Each team has won once in nail biter matches.  I’m going to go put my Wallabies jersey on and hope for the best!  And just for fun…..here’s a picture of AAC – quite a specimen isn’t he?


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Words spoken by K2 to Mr. W in reference to THE GAME PLAYED IN HEAVEN!

Yes…..all is right in the world.  Friday starts a full weekend of rugby.  Two games Friday night, three games Saturday night and if I have insomnia, I have 2 games to watch from South Africa on Sunday morning.


Time to get my hand projects ready.

The Tah’s (Waratah’s) are MY team – but I’ve got my eye on the Brumbies this year.  I think they are peaking.  We’ll see!

Finally, here’s Phil graduating.  I suppose he’s busy working and raising his family (when not getting pulled over for drink driving).  I still miss him though.  He hasn’t called, he hasn’t written, he hasn’t sent flowers…….oh Phil…….I miss you.


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