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Here are several slide shows from our visit to the Melbourne quilt show.  I’ve tried to include the quilter information but there are a couple that I missed recording the info.

You can see more quilt images on Mr. W’s blog

This first one is work by Carolyn Sullivan.  An amazing artist.  Her stitching…wow.  I first saw her work in Sydney last year.  She did a floor talk that I really enjoyed.  So friendly and personable.

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The next two are from the SAQA challenge called “Turmoil”.  This was an absolutely moving exhibit.  I was in tears reading many of the captions.  These are two of many that caught my eye.  The first one because I want to do a photo quilt called “A family of strong women” with pictures of the women in my family.  The second one because it reminds me of work that I have done – improv type piecing.

Next is from the Quilt-Con exhibit.  Now, I must say, I was underwhelmed by this exhibit. They were perfectly lovely quilts – but they didn’t really warm my heart or inspire me in any deep way.  Well, except for one or two.  One had a political statement relating to Elizabeth Warren so that spoke to me (although I didn’t get a picture of it).  The one that really did speak to me was this one.  Again, it’s in a style similar to mine so perhaps that is why?  I like the negative space around the outside and plan to try something similar with my indigo quilt.  The quilting was gorgeous.






Finally, a few random pictures.

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We have a very small and intimate show (sorta like a county fair in the USA) in our local community.  For the last couple years, I’ve been entering quilts in the show.  Not to win but to support the show committee and the community.  My thought is that if people don’t enter items into the show, the show will eventually cease to exist.  Our unofficial observation is that there are fewer and fewer entries each year.

Today was the opening of the 2 day show.  The forecast was for a beastly hot and humid day so we arrived early to peruse the quilts, the arts & crafts pavilion plus the cow judging (always a favorite of mine) and the horse show.  After a quick visit to the pavilions, we bagged on the outdoor events and came home.

My quilts did well but my odds were good.  I entered 8 quilts total in 4 categories and I believe there were only about 75 quilts submitted.  I received a first prize , 2 second prizes , and 2 commendable awards.  There were 2 local quilters that I know who won first places and they DEFINITELY deserved to win.  Honestly, I don’t think my work-woman-ship is top notch so it is always a surprise when I actually win something in a judged category.

These are the quilts I put in the show:

Daddy’s Path


Wool Blobs:


Gypsy Wife


Log O Light 2

IMG_4317 IMG_4318

Wool Sampler


Zebra on Acid


Liberated Hexi


Slashed Nine Patch


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Eye Candy

Eye Candy from the Canberra quilt show

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IMG_2830 IMG_2832

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I have a quilt heading to Houston to be in the 2015 show.  It’s a special exhibit called Primitive & Folk Art which is sponsored by the magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects.    Not only is my quilt Wonky Baskets going to be in the show – I actually won 2nd prize in the Original Design category!  Color me excited and happy.  I won 48 large spools of wool Aurifil thread.

I have never entered a quilt into a show before (save for a couple into guild shows or the local quilt show).  My friend Mary of An old crow’s journey (she does AMAZING primitive dolls – be sure and check her out and her Etsy site) encouraged me to enter and after a little hesitation, I did it.  I figured I’d make her happy and what did I have to lose.

When we came home from our Bali/Singapore holiday, the email was waiting telling me I had won and giving me instructions for getting my quilt into the mail.

We had seriously not been home more than an hour or so when Mr. W was looking at the price of airline tickets.  I have told him for years that the Houston Quilt Show/Festival was on my list of things to do ONE DAY.  (K2 and I attended the Houston Market nearly 20 years ago when we owned Olive’s Mercantile but didn’t have the time or money to attend the festival back then.)

This is how our conversation played out:

Mr. W:  “ok, I have a ticket here with a good price.  Do you want to go?”

me:  “are you serious?”

Mr.  W:  “yes”

me:  “ummmmm……can we afford it?”

Mr. W:  “well, you won’t get new carpet this year.”

me:  “we weren’t going to travel any more this year.”

Mr.  W:  “should I back out?  If I do, I might not get this price later.”

me:  “it really doesn’t make sense to do this.”

Mr. W:  “you’ve always wanted to go, right?  You may never have a quilt in this show again.  Yes or no?”

(long pause while I think…….thinking, thinking, thinking…….)

me:  “no.  It’s just silly to do this.  Back out of it.”

Mr. W:  “you’re sure?”

me:  “yes”

Mr. W:  “ok”

And he backed out of the site.

In the meantime, I posted on an Australian FB site asking if having a quilt hanging in the show was still a big deal.  I also sent a quick email to Sara, a quilt gal IN THE KNOW in the USA.  Everyone said “Yes, it’s a big deal and if you can go – GO”.   Even if it was ‘only’ in a special exhibit – it was still a big deal.  Perhaps a once in a lifetime experience.

A little later, Mr. W went back into the airline site.  Just out of curiosity.  Go figure……same prices.

Mr. W:  “well?”

Picture me – sitting on the couch.  Reading all these FB posts about how it was a big deal and how I should go if at all possible.  Picture me in a total quandary.  I AM practical – no matter what people might think.  It seems utterly and totally ridiculous to me to make a spur of the moment decision like this.  I mean REALLY……this is something that should be thought about, pondered, cussed and discussed.  You can’t make a decision like this on the spur of the moment, can you?

Mr. W:  “WELL??????”

me:  (thinking to myself – oh SCREW IT)  “book it!” I said with a huge grin!

I figure experiences are much more important than things (or new carpet).

We booked.  We’re going.  With a little side trip to visit the famdamily.

WHO’S THE LUCKY GIRL?  Well…..that’d be me.



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