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Tea bags & rust on watercolor paper.

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Yup – I sure enough did.  I put ALL of my quilting and sewing projects away yesterday.  I folded them up and tucked them all behind the design curtain.  Down came the New York Beauty blocks.  I packed up the Grandmother’s Choice blocks and fabric.  Modern Monday was pushed further onto the shelf.  My leader-ender project came down off the design wall and was folded up and put in a box.  The 2 poufs were tucked in a basket.  Vignette quilting?  It will just have to wait.

All my cutting mats and rulers were pulled off my high table and put aside.  My fabric scraps were boxed up.  I even DUSTED!

I also stopped at the art supply store and stocked up on paper.  All kinds of paper.  And a beautiful wooden stamp.


For the next month, my focus is going to be different.  An Artist’s Journal.  Artist books.  One of my inspirations is Ro Bruhn – an artist from Melbourne..  Check out her flickr site.  She is simply amazing.  She’s also a participant in 21 Secrets,  an online artist journaling workshop starting in April.

My other inspiration is Connie Rose.  She is an absolute whirlwind of activity with books and she’s been such a sweetheart with sharing information and pointing me in a direction to get started.  This is one of my favorites of her journals.

And Wendy Fe, another amazing artist.  I get SO overwhelmed when on her blog, Threadborne.  She truly blows my mind.

So, that’s my plan.  The month of February I’m committing to doing something different.  I have absolutely no clue where this will lead – but I’m just going to play.  And I’m not going to care what the results are.  Seriously.  I’m going to embrace ‘sucking’.  Actually, that’s the title of my next blog post but you’ll just have to wait a few days to hear more.

In the meantime, here is a youtube video that makes me smile and cry at the very same time, every time I watch it.  I hope you enjoy it and spread some love every day.

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Fresh geranium leaves and flowers on watercolor paper and fabric (silk & cotton).  Bundled and put in the oven in a bath with water, vinegar and 2 chai tea bags.  Weighted down with another tin and a steel BBQ plate.  ‘Baked’ for 2 hours at 180’C.  Allowed to cool overnight and then opened.  I did a 2nd and 3rd batch of the fabrics but will hold off for 1 and 3 weeks to open them.

I’m still struggling to get prints on fabric.  Silk works better than cotton but it still is not great.  I’ve started mordanting my cotton in Alum – so far I really haven’t noticed much of a difference.

I’m not giving up though.

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Remember these little beauties?  They were from my crock-pot experiments with watercolor paper.

Well, I attached them with double stick dots to mat board and they’re ready to be popped into an 8×10 frame and hung on the wall.  I really like them!  Even though it was totally a ‘wing it’ project and how they turned out was simply a matter of luck – they seem so artsy to me.  🙂

Anyway…..due to the suggestion of K2, they are winging their way to the USA to be distributed among my siblings and mama.

Also – Happy Birthday to my mom!  LOVE YOU!

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We have recently had 10 days of artistic bliss in our little corner of Australia!  The Escape Artfest is an annual event which showcases the talented artists, musicians, writers, chefs and performing artists of the area.  Julie Sydenham, a local artist and businesswoman, was the festival coordinator.

We spent a lovely evening walking the streets of Milton Thursday night enjoying the sights and sounds of Artfest.

There were 2 artists that really caught my eye.

Penny Lovelock Illustrations did these whimsical paintings on aged wood with rusty bits and bobbles attached.  You can see her work HERE.

Sharon Armstead is the other artist who WOW’d me.  Although she specializes in paper-based jewelry, she had the most amazing eco-dyed paper pieces using Eucalypt dyes on arches 88 and kozo paper.

I spent some time talking with her and apparently this is something she’s just started exploring.  India Flint was her inspiration and although I wouldn’t put my watercolor paper experiments in the same category as hers – they certainly were similar.  She offered to send me information on setting up my own outdoor solar oven!  Her jewelry can be found on Facebook HERE and on Etsy HERE.

The community does an 8×8 canvas display – which is what the photos here show.  I submitted a canvas this year but apparently I’ve deleted the photo I took before submitting it so I can’t share it with you.  It was done with fabric (the only one in the display done with fabric that I could see) in the freeform piecing/fractured reality style I’ve been working on and then a Japanese Boro style stitching.  I’ll post a picture of it once I get it back.

We ended the evening with a nice dinner at The Tipsy Fig.  Good hearty food.

It was a lovely night out!

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