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It’s 4AM on Tuesday morning and I’ve just discovered Bonnie Hunter thanks to my FRIEND Candy.  Oh Candy……what were you thinking?

This woman gets the fact that you can never have too many fabrics in a quilt.  She also has a clever idea for managing your scraps HERE.

She gets it that there is a reason to keep making quilts even if you NEED another one like you need a hole in your head (check out her ponderings on How Many Quilts).  One of my favorite lines from her:

I am a creator, an artist, just as much as a painter is…

Does anyone ask a painter who he is painting for or why he is painting yet
another landscape? how many pictures/portraits he has painted? How many
canvases or paintings he needs?

I struggle to find my quilting style.  Traditional quilts always pull to me (can you say 9-patch?).  Then again, when I take pictures at shows, I am drawn to the artsy-fartsy freeform quilts (Rayna Gillman and Jean Wells being two of my favorites).  My HEAD tells me that I should challenge myself creatively but my HEART….well, I’m not sure what my heart wants.  I’m just a simple gal who likes to sew one piece to another.  Sewing and quilting is my therapy.  I wouldn’t say it’s CHEAP therapy but it works.

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yarnbombing02 Magda_Sayeg_Yarn_Bombing_-Knitted_Grafitti_02

I’m obviously living under a rock.  Do you know what the definition of SABLE is?  “Stash accumulated beyond life expectancy”  HANDS UP!  Who can relate?   This could refer to yarn or fabric or art supplies or anything we collect actually.   Another thing learned from too much time spent on the Ravelry forum.

Last year I went to a ‘rummage sale’ that seriously changed my (craft/sewing) life and way of thinking.  This lady died unexpectedly and after her death, her quilt/craft peeps helped her husband gather her crafting supplies and stash and had a rummage sale.  No exaggeration, there was a single stall garage AND the entire back porch full of fabric and yarn and books and thread and elastic and whatever else sewing/knitting/quilting/crafting related you can think of.  Yards and yards and YARDS of fabric.  Big bags of 12-18 balls of the same yarn, same dye lot.  She obviously had big plans for getting things done – and I’m sure she DID get a lot of things done.

After I made my purchases (I had to go to town to get more money to PAY for my purchases), it really struck me how she had all these unfinished ideas, unfinished projects and most likely, unfinished dreams.  I also wondered why she acquired so much stuff and if it felt heavy on her shoulders.  I think I wondered this because MY stash sometimes feels very heavy on my shoulders.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve made a conscious effort to downsize and that includes my stash.  If I continue in my virtuous ways, and if I am blessed to walk this earth for a longer length of time rather than a shorter length of time, I think I can reasonably and honestly say that my SABLE is not a worry – not a concern.  I would reasonably estimate that I have no more than a 2 year stash at present time (at present production level!).  I must say…..if feels fabulous.  Yes, I’m pretty sure I no longer have an excessive ‘stash accumulated beyond life expectancy’ anymore and that’s a good thing (Martha).

And just because I know my sisters are interested, yesterday I did two handed swings with my 16kg (35 pound) baby for the first time since surgery.  I ONLY did 50 swings, and I felt every one of them, but it felt good to hold that big bad yellow kettlebell in my hands again.  Here’s a picture of ‘them’ lined up in front of the little house fireplace.

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I just returned from 2 days at a cold wax painting workshop.  I stayed at a lovely B&B for 2 nights and met some inspirational women.  Made some new friends and came away with the desire to continue painting.  I’m not sure if it will be a long time interest or just a creative diversion but I do know that I enjoy the process of cold wax oil painting and plan to do more of it and learn as much as I can about it.

Here is a (LARGE) slide show of Judy’s work and some of the work that was created by the students over the weekend.  Mine are in there too!  I’ll do another post in a day or so with just my pieces.  In the meantime, you can try to guess which ones are mine.  🙂

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“Weight is a number.  Health is for life.” – The Anti-Jared

What have you done today for your health?

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