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First finish of the year is this small wallhanging:

Jan 13 2014 - 1

Second finish is Mr. W’s Grandmother’s Choice quilt (it even has a label on it!):

Jan 13 2014 - 2 Jan 13 2014 - 3

3rd finish:  Blue & Yellow Giving Quilt.  This year the charity organization that I’ve chosen to support is AQWL (Aussie Quilts with Love).  The members make 10 inch blocks of a given theme.  Others help out with piecing the blocks together or doing the quilting.  The quilts are then hand delivered to the children at Westmead Children’s Hospital. A pattern is posted each month for members to complete in bright or children’s fabric.

jan 2014 Giving quilts - 1

I was sent this quilt top and fleece.  I’ve never used fleece for a back before.  I did it without batting and with the walking foot.  I wasn’t sent any binding fabric and didn’t have any that matched so I trimmed the fleece backing to 1 & 1/2″ then turned it over to the front for binding.  The corners are a little ‘rough’ but they are secure.  Trick for working with fleece?  Pin, pin, pin and if possible, don’t remove them until you have all the quilting done.

4th finish:  Chevron Giving Quilt top.  The chevron block was our block for January – using brights.  I don’t have a large supply of brights but I had enough to make one top and then a few extra blocks.  They’ll be sent in to Jenny for someone else to quilt as I don’t have any backing fabric that will work.

jan 2014 Giving quilts - 9

Fifth finish:  Robyn’s scraps.  It was left over pieces from a quilt Robyn had made that ended up in the boxes of scraps she gave me when she moved.  I just randomly pieced the blocks and rows together and used it for FMQ practice – using scraps for the back also.  This is on the way to the AQWL organization also.

IMG_1431 IMG_1434

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Mini Grandmother’s Choice quilts finished and sent off to two friends.

Hope they like them!

Photos on fence are taken with our front vineyard in the background.  This is the view from our front window.

Last Import - 41 Last Import - 42 Last Import - 43 Last Import - 44 Last Import - 45

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Here’s the top finished.  I’m waiting for backing fabric to arrive and then this will be the next one I FMQ.


I made this for Mr. W as he’s a huge Civil War buff.  The fabrics are from Jo Morton and blocks from Barbara Brackman’s Grandmother’s Choice block of the week series.  I bought the fabrics at a store called The Quilters Attic in Goodlettsville, Tennessee on our last trip to the USA.  Here is the blog post from On The Grapevine where Mr. W wrote about the shop.  They had a huge area upstairs with (what seemed like) a bazillion quilts to admire.  They also had a nice nap area for men – complete with comfy chairs and Time magazines that were at least 10 years old.

One night last week, we were chatting about the back for it.  He said he’d like a back with the Union and Rebel flags on it.  I’m thinking to myself…..’yeah, like we’re going to find that fabric’.  Well, I sent him to the Hancock’s of Paducah site and WOULD YOU BELIEVE it?  He found exactly the flag fabric that he was looking for.  Who’d of thunk it?  🙂

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modern vintage

Here’s a granny square scarf that I finished up a few weeks ago.  It’s from the booklet Modern Vintage by Panda.  I love the vintage/retro look of it and can’t wait to wear it this winter.  This morning there was a distinct chill in the air when I was out bushwalking so it won’t be long before we’ll be pulling out the warmer clothes!

crochet scarf - 1

crochet scarf - 2 crochet scarf - 3


As far as other GIT (Get it Finished) projects are going…..I have Vignette (aka Fabric Vomit) quilted and the binding sewn on – just waiting for some TV time to hand stitch the binding.  I’m also working pretty hot and heavy on my New York Beauty (NYB).  I’m to the point where I need to sew the separate sections together and then finish up with the appliqué centers.

I’m ready to have something else on my design wall so I might really do a hard push on the NYB this week.

Modern Monday is ready to be pin basted and quilted and the fabric for Lisa’s nana quilt has been painted, washed, pressed and is ready to use.

Whew……not much to show but I have been working!  Next project on the design wall might be my wonky basket quilt.  I’m ready to tackle the appliqué borders – at least the design portion.  I’m thinking to do something like the top border of THIS quilt.  It’s a Lori Smith pattern called All roads lead to Olive’s  (hmmm….wonder where that name came from?).


I’m also ready to tackle the sashing for my Grandmother’s Choice quilt.  All the pieces are cut and ready to sew.  It will be a good project for a mini-quilt retreat that I’m going on in a couple weeks or as a leader/ender project.

My bud Candy has really tempted me with starting another hexi project – using Mickey Dupree designs but so far I’ve resisted ordering the book and templates.   I’m holding firm on not starting anything new until I get a few more of my Get it Finished projects completed.  Let me tell you though……I’m EXTREMELY tempted!  Maybe YOU need a new project?  Check out Mickey’s site…..really cool hexagon ideas – and a great travel/tv project.

The other thing tempting me?  More Japanese Taupe fabrics from THIS site, One World Fabrics.  I love the work of Yoko Saito and her fabrics.  My supply of taupes has been whittled down with the work on my New York Beauty so I will need to replenish.  The question is WHEN?  Will I find some taupes at the AQS in Des Moines or should I order online?  Decisions, decisions.  Or, do I order the line that’s out NOW and also get the line that will be coming out shortly?  🙂

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dummy spitter

Image from Maitlands Men’s Shed

spit the dummy

Image from patpitingolo

I have spat the dummy and in the process can cross an item off my Get It Finished (GIF) list.

I’m joining Mary and Candy over on the dark side.


Yes…..we’re talking about Grandmother’s Choice.

What a pain in the backside these patterns are.

I am NOT an inexperienced piecer.  And, I am NOT a sloppy piecer.  I have been a quilter for over 35 years.  (Just sayin’)

However, for whatever reason – I have had to re-make at least every 3rd block in this BOM program and NONE OF THEM turn out to size.

I’ll take full responsibility – I’m sure Barbara is a lovely person and I’m sure there are hundreds (thousands?) of people that can follow her patterns and not want to pull their hair out – but I’m not one of them.  Each time I make one of these blocks – I want to stomp around and have a hissy fit because not only are some of them a PITA – but they NEVER TURN OUT SQUARE!  GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! (YES, I’m shouting!)

I’m much calmer now that I’ve tossed the rest of the patterns into the trash.  And I’m much calmer since I removed the blog from my reader so I am not taunted each week and reminded of my failure.  My flickr album?  GONE.

So basically – I’m caught up on my Grandmother’s Choice blocks.  🙂  HA!  And, I actually have over 40 of them (since I was making duplicates) so Mr. W will get his Civil War era quilt – just a modified version of it.

Like I said to Mary & Candy……give me a nine patch ANY day!

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