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I have decided to take a semi-sabbatical from quilting.  I’m not planning to full on QUIT quilting, but I’m going to put it in the backseat and put painting in the front seat.  For the month of September at least.

Years ago, I took a workshop on cold wax painting.  I wasn’t crazy about the workshop (the teacher was distracted, jet lagged and not attentive at all) but I did like some of my results.  However,  I never went any further with it other than to put my paintings up and admire them occasionally.

I have been following the work/art of Rebecca Crowell for well over 5 years.  Dreaming of painting in that style.  About 2 years ago, she came out with a book with Jerry McLaughlin.  They crowd funded it.  Over the last two years, I’ve sat in my chair and read and re-read their book.  Dreaming.  Now they have video teaching available.  I would love to invest in the video, but here’s the thing….I’m still just DREAMING.  And, it is an expensive video (although a LOT cheaper than going to one of their workshops).  I have yet to mix cold wax and oil together and put it on canvas or paper so it is hard to justify the purchase.  But….that is going to change.

September 2019….I deem COLD WAX PAINTING MONTH.

(5 day pause)

ok, so it is now September 4th.  My plan/goal is to paint daily for the month of September and then evaluate whether I want to continue painting or not.  So far, I’ve painted 3 of 4 days.  I do enjoy it.  It only ‘takes’ about an hour of my time though before I’ve run out of ideas and painting substrates so then I switch over to quilting.

My question at the end of my painting session today was “How do you know when to quit?  How do you know when a painting is done?”  Especially with abstract painting….it’s not like I’m trying to paint a tree or a house or something specific.  So…..how DO you know when to quit?  I’ll get back to you on that one if/when I figure it out.

I’ll post picture of my painting throughout the month.  I’m not looking for critique.  I might even shut off comments if I can figure out how to!  I really just want to paint because I want to paint.  I want to suspend judgement on whether it is good or not.  I just want to paint because I enjoy it.  Not because I want to sell my stuff.  Not because I want to have a gallery show.  I really don’t want anything other than the joy of creating.  This, combined with my fear of sucking should prove to be interesting.

Pictures below are progress on “One Hot Mess”.  The top is finished – now I’m working on the words for the back.  “I like pretty things…and the word @*&$”.  🙂  (Sorry mom…lol)


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Here are my paintings from my weekend Cold Wax painting workshop.  Some of them I really like.  Some of them I don’t.  Some of them are finished (enough).  Some of them will be reworked.

Today I stopped by the hardware store and had more wood cut to do more painting.  This painting really was a relaxing experience and I am looking forward to doing more of it.  Surprisingly, I don’t really care what they look like.  I’m suspending judgement.  I’m fine with being a noob (newbie) at this process.  Perhaps I’m getting better at ’embracing suckiness’?  Who knows.

Next step is to have Mr. W sand my wood canvases (he has a new sander to play with) and then gesso the surface to prep for paint.  I’m also waiting for my soft brayer to arrive.  This soft brayer is the key to giving the soft look to the paintings.

Judy wise paintings - 03 Judy wise paintings - 04 Judy wise paintings - 05 Judy wise paintings - 06 Judy wise paintings - 07 Judy wise paintings - 08 Judy wise paintings - 09 Judy wise paintings - 10 Judy wise paintings - 01 Judy wise paintings - 02

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I just returned from 2 days at a cold wax painting workshop.  I stayed at a lovely B&B for 2 nights and met some inspirational women.  Made some new friends and came away with the desire to continue painting.  I’m not sure if it will be a long time interest or just a creative diversion but I do know that I enjoy the process of cold wax oil painting and plan to do more of it and learn as much as I can about it.

Here is a (LARGE) slide show of Judy’s work and some of the work that was created by the students over the weekend.  Mine are in there too!  I’ll do another post in a day or so with just my pieces.  In the meantime, you can try to guess which ones are mine.  🙂

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