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This is the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from November 2013 called Celtic Solstice.  I loved it.  I hated it.  I love it again.  I’ve even slept under it.  It’s destined for someone else to sleep under it in the future though.  I’m slowly coming into the thought that quilts are to be slept under and loved NOT put on a shelf.  I don’t think quilts become better with age and as long as people will love AND use them – I’m happy to gift them on.

The 2014 mystery quilt is set to begin November 28th.  I can’t wait.  I have it on good authority that this years quilt will not have quite as many triangles – fingers crossed ‘cuz my triangle work, my precision piecing – is just not what it used to be.  Here’s the link to Bonnie’s 2014 mystery quilt called Grand Illusion.  Mom and I are going to do it…..wanna join us?


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Celtic Solstice – My LAST BAQ (big ass quilt) to do FMQing on.  I think I’m in purgatory.  It’s like what I would imagine wrestling an alligator would be like.  (yeah, I know….drama queen…..deal with it!).

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Brother’s and Sister’s blocks are finished.  Two small quilts or one BAQ?  BAQ won the contest but I AM NOT GOING TO QUILT IT.  Next up – sashing and borders.

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My Bionic Bag.  ALMOST finished.  36 pdf pages of instructions.  Only had to un-sew once.  Five zippers (and all look fabulous, darling!).  Jury is still out on whether Mary will get one or not.  🙂

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My socks!  First sock took 2 & 1/2 months.  Second sock took about 2 & 1/2 weeks.  l’ll make at least one more pair of socks for Mr. W but so far – I don’t have sock knitting addiction.  I’d rather knit a scarf or a shawl.

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Wonky basket – Kantha-style quilting is traveling along well.  I am down to the last border.  I have hopes of finishing the quilting so that I can take it along with me to bind when I go on a little road trip with girlfriends later in the month.  If not – it will be put on hold until next winter as it’s ALMOST too warm to have a quilt on my lap in the evenings.

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This little scarf is called Dangling Conversation.  It was an absolute dream to knit.  I finished it in about 10 days.  It’s made of a beautiful hand-dyed wool that I found in Vienna last year.  I’ll make another of these scarves – next time with beads and using Wolles cotton yarn.


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Jan 13 2014 - 4

I really like this top.  Piecing it did cause a little whinging and whining while putting the small, bias edge pieces together into blocks but overall, it was a good process.  It was nice to keep up with the weekly clues and I think that’s why it came together so fast for me.

Another benefit was it came 100% out of my scraps.  No fabric was purchased for the making of this quilt top (well, no fabric was purchased SPECIFICALLY for it!).  Quilting will have to wait until my Austerity Challenge/Fabric diet is over (June 30) as I don’t have anything that will work for the back.

If you’d like to have the pattern go to Bonnie Hunter’s site.  There’s a tab on the top called Celtic Solstice Mystery.

I’m looking forward to her next mystery.  Thanks Mary and Candy for roping me into this introducing me to Bonnie’s work.  🙂

Now – off to work on another of my UFOs.  I’ve finished 2 so far this month and am hopeful to have another one finished before the end of the month.

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clue 5 - 5

clue 5 - 6

Clue 5 is finished.  Yip Yip!  Everyone seems to think we are THIS close to assembling all our bits and pieces.  I think I’m going to like it.

There is still time for you to start.  Or at least download the clues to make later.  Here is the link to Bonnie’s blog.  Check out the tab on the top called Celtic Solstice Mystery for all the clues in one place.

It’s been great fun participating in this mystery and not only getting to know Bonnie, but getting to know the gals of the Facebook group.

New Years Eve tonight.  I’m sure we’ll be in bed by 10 – we’re just not party people.  I’m looking forward to a day of sewing on New Years Day.  I’m not sure of the basis of the thought, but my peeps seem to believe it is good luck to start a new quilt on New Years Day so that’s what I’ll be doing.  I actually have 2 that I want to start.

The first one is my YOT (Year of the Triangle) quilt made out of batiks.  The second is my Brothers and Sisters quilt out of Japanese Taupes.  I’ll post pictures and links in a future blog post.

Be safe and have a great New Years Eve.  Remember to enjoy your moments!


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Clue one and two for the Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt have been received and processed.

I used the Tri-Rex tools for the first time on clue 1.  Snap.  A piece of cake to use.

Used a drawn line on the square for clue two – not quite so ‘snap snap’ as I was lazy and didn’t use the best tools.  Hint – get a mechanical pencil for drawing lines.  The very fine point will be helpful.  Also, turn the light on so you can see.  And, use a decent ruler.  Clue 2 turned out ok – but I could have done better.

I’m liking that my stacks of fabrics have been reduced substantially.

I also love seeing all the quilts that Bonnie stalkers have made and are making.  She’s got an amazing number of followers and check out her calendar.  She’ll be in Australia in 2016.  2016!  I can’t even figure out if I’m going to get groceries today or tomorrow.  🙂

Today is Friday (here in Australia).  Clue 3 will be out tomorrow.  I’m hoping to prep a new leader/ender project today or get some more of my current leader/ender prepped (the mini nine-patch) and get a back pieced for my string quilt.  I’d love to work on my Zen quilt too but have several errands to run so that may need to wait.

I also need to get thinking about my Bullseye quilt.  Mom and I have decided to play with this block and see what we come up with.  There are so many gorgeous bullseye quilts on Google Images but this is the one that really has me fascinated.  It’s from Fibercrush – which is a blog I have been following for awhile.


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