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**addendum**  Color me sad.  This workshop was cancelled.  Oh well – something else will come up.  I still have a quilt retreat in South Dakota to look forward to!

I’ve decided to treat myself to a workshop in a few months.  I’m going to an Elizabeth Bunsen workshop called Morning Practice and Mapping Interior Geography.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  I really have no clue exactly WHAT we will be doing – and I’m ok with that.  I even booked myself a room for the night so that I don’t need to drive back and forth.  A mini-solo vacation – I haven’t had one of those for years and I miss them.

I’ve followed Elizabeth’s work and her blog, Be….Dream…..Play for years.  She works with rust.  With Indigo.  With fabric.  With ephemera.  With found objects.  With journals.

I’m always concerned that I may be violating copyright laws when I post others pictures so I won’t post anything of hers but take a minute or two and do a Google Image search on “Elizabeth Bunsen” and you’ll see a huge selection of her work.

I think it’s time for me to put a plea out to my local peeps that I’m in need of more rusted objects.  I feel the need to do more rust work.  More eco-dyeing (hello GUM tree leaves!).  Also, silk/wool/cotton fabric that is headed to the dump or 2nd hand stores.

Now though?  I’m going to go do some yoga.  I’m once again trying to establish my MORNING yoga routine.  I’m good with my afternoon yoga routine.  Most days between 3 and 4, I spend a good hour doing yoga.  Plus my meditation practice is solid.  I just feel like my morning routine could be better.  Less computer time, more head-space time.  More body-space time.

Oh, and here’s a sneak peak of a piece I started a few weeks back.  I think I posted about the painting/dyeing process?  It started life as a tablecloth (thanks Ms. A!).  Then I painted, dyed, stencilled and wrote on it.  It’s the base piece for my body positivity/body shaming piece.  I don’t have a name for it yet.  It will include embroidery.  And my ‘vision’ is to have a woman’s naked body in the foreground – I’m unsure of what technique I’m using yet – I’ve been studying several photo quilt techniques trying to figure it out.  Jenny Bowker‘s techniques are at the forefront.  Her piece called Hashim is one of my inspirations.

One more thing…..I started another college course last week.  Creativity and the Ageing.  I have 3 creative projects over the course.  I also finished my Dementia course with the U of Tasmania.  HIGHLY recommend it.

img_0255 img_0256

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Sue Spargo has a **Free** BOM program called “Instastitch” going right now that I’m participating in.  We’re 7 months into it.  She’s doing 2 versions – one in wool and one in denim.  No surprise here – I’m doing mine with a more neutral focus.  I started with the few Japanese taupe scraps that I have left and added other fabrics.  I’m taking a fair bit of liberty with not only the piecing but the embroidery.



It’s the stitching that attracted me to the program in the first place.  For years, I’ve been wanting to do a crazy quilt – but not the traditional Victorian type crazy quilt.  Thinking back, I think embroidery was probably one of my first crafty LOVES.  I can remember as a teenager that I was doing embroidery on denim jackets and denim skirts.



These are my 7 blocks as they are right now.  I’ll add at least one more section of embroidery to each block.  My plan is to do a line of stitching along one more seam in a crazy quilting type manner.  Sharon B, releases a new stitch every Tuesday, called TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) from her web site, Pintangle.  I’m planning to challenge myself to use her stitches.



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I said “NO”

Tonight I said “no”.  I didn’t even say “no THANKS”.  Just “No”.  “NO” is not always an easy thing for me to say.  I have this deep-grained philosophy in me that says if I CAN help someone out, I SHOULD.

I was asked to do something.  Something that I COULD have done but didn’t want to do.  Something that wouldn’t have HURT me or caused me too much distress and wouldn’t have even made me go too far out of my way to help.  But I said no.

Why?  The request came from someone who doesn’t know the fine art of saying thank you.  This person is nice.  Pleasant even.  Always a smile on their face.  I’m sure their friends and family think the sun rises and sets in their eyes.  However, I drew my line in the sand.  Over the years I’ve done for this person and given things to this person with nary a thank you (sometimes not even an acknowledgement of receipt).  Tonight I said NO to a request from them and I don’t feel bad about it at all.

I don’t DO things or give things to get thank you notes.  I also understand that occasionally, a thank you will slip through the cracks because of other things in life going on.  (I’m not an unfeeling, uncaring, un-understanding bitch.)  However, I think that too many people have forgotten the fine art of saying thank you – let alone actually WRITING a thank you.  Do parents even teach their children to write thank you notes these days?  NO acknowledgement?  No ‘thank you’ via email or Facebook or Instagram?  I don’t get it.  (And, I’m talking adults here, who should KNOW better.  Who most certainly should have been taught the fine art of a thank you and are probably just too lazy, busy or distracted to do it.)

So, I said NO and I feel 100% comfortable with my answer.  I didn’t even think about it a minute.  I got the request.  I said no.  End of story.  (Well, ALMOST the end of story – I must admit to having occasional twinges of guilt.  Thanks to my Midwest upbringing, I’m sure.)

On a quilting note, here are a few pictures of the stitching progress on my Bros & Sistas quilt.  Big stitch quilting using Finca 12 thread with the hoop as my pattern.  Concentric circles.  Once again, whether by machine or hand, they aren’t circular.  I think I’ve given up on any of my ‘concentric circle’ quilting being circular OR concentric (as I messed up and have some spirals in it also!).  I think it will become my trademark.  NON-concentric circle quilting.  I like that idea better!  It’s been very enjoyable doing this in front of the TV.  I almost have the centre quilted and next will start on the outside edges.


And here is a picture of the building blocks for the quilt for my brother using his military uniforms and Crown Royal bags.


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Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Bro’s and Sista’s (Brother’s and Sister’s from the book Kindred Spirits (Yellow Creek Quilt Designs) – It’s ready to hand quilt.  It’s sitting in the tv room waiting for me.  It’s ALMOST cool enough in the evenings to sit with this BAQ on my lap.  I’ll be using Big Stitch technique with size 12 Finca perle cotton thread.  Circles.  Freeform circles.  Last night while catching up on my blogs, I ran across the idea from Tim Latimer Quilts.  Time to start forming a callous on my naughty finger again.  This is a King Size so I’m guessing it will take me all winter.


Mr. W’s favorite reading chair has sprung a leak so I’m thinking to make a slipcover for it from an extra quilt.


Below are the blocks I have so far for The Splendid Sampler quilt by Jane Davidson & Pat Sloan.  They are 6.5 inch blocks.  Two per week for a year.  Did I mention **free**?  I’m using batiks from my scrap bag.


Below is my version of The Circle Games by Jen Kingwell.  Two borders finished (appliqué circles) two to go.  I’m really enjoying the appliqué work.  Think I need to find another appliqué project once this one is finished.  I’m tempted to start on the Quilty 365 project – or perhaps my version of it.


Next we have my next 2 projects from Sherri Lynn Wood‘s book on Improv quilting.  The first one is called Rhythmic Grid and the second one Patchwork Doodle.  They are both in the preliminary stages on the design wall.

And finally, we have my version of Sue Spargo‘s Magnolia.  Again, two borders finished, two to go.  This quilt is such a RIOT of color but I’m really liking it.  I am enjoying learning new embroidery stitches from Sue’s book Creative Stitching.  I’ve also been drooling while looking at her book Stitches to Savor – an amazing coffee table book of her work.


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Allietare, my Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery quilt, is ready for quilting.  I finished pinning it today.

Here it is without borders.  I guess I never took a picture once I put the borders on it.  Picture it with a narrow black & white border plus a larger (6″ as I recall) multicoloured outer border.


I re-watched Jacquie Gering’s first Craftsy class on walking foot quilting today and plan to do a slightly curved  line using the walking foot on the pieced section of the quilt.  Not sure what the plan is for the borders yet – will wing it I suppose.

Below is my idea that I drafted in Photoshop.  First I’ll quilt the black lines then turn it and quilt the green lines so it ends up being a wavy, curvy, cross-hatching pattern.  I’m using a wool batting which requires quilting about 3-4″ apart.

Another BigAss quilt.  As I said to a friend of mine…..’what is it about the words “NO MORE BIG ASS QUILTS” that I fail to comprehend?’  She didn’t have an answer for me.  My other question was…..why did I make double the blocks for this mystery quilt?



Time for yoga.  Since we converted our smallest bedroom into my yoga studio – I have practiced yoga daily.  Sometimes twice a day.  I’ve switched back to Ekhart yoga.  I gravitate toward YIN yoga but also do Iyengar and restorative.  Plus J Brown’s videos – he’s amazing.  I love it.



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