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Allietare, my Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery quilt, is ready for quilting.  I finished pinning it today.

Here it is without borders.  I guess I never took a picture once I put the borders on it.  Picture it with a narrow black & white border plus a larger (6″ as I recall) multicoloured outer border.


I re-watched Jacquie Gering’s first Craftsy class on walking foot quilting today and plan to do a slightly curved  line using the walking foot on the pieced section of the quilt.  Not sure what the plan is for the borders yet – will wing it I suppose.

Below is my idea that I drafted in Photoshop.  First I’ll quilt the black lines then turn it and quilt the green lines so it ends up being a wavy, curvy, cross-hatching pattern.  I’m using a wool batting which requires quilting about 3-4″ apart.

Another BigAss quilt.  As I said to a friend of mine…..’what is it about the words “NO MORE BIG ASS QUILTS” that I fail to comprehend?’  She didn’t have an answer for me.  My other question was…..why did I make double the blocks for this mystery quilt?



Time for yoga.  Since we converted our smallest bedroom into my yoga studio – I have practiced yoga daily.  Sometimes twice a day.  I’ve switched back to Ekhart yoga.  I gravitate toward YIN yoga but also do Iyengar and restorative.  Plus J Brown’s videos – he’s amazing.  I love it.



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Log O Light (mom’s original version)


I belong to a family of very creative people.  My mother is one of those people!  From a very young age, I have watched her create. I have been encouraged by her and learned tremendously from her over my 56 years.  Thanks mom!

Today, I’m sharing with you a pattern that she designed over 15 years ago.  It is called Log O’ Light.  It was designed to commemorate her granddaughter’s recovery from a horrific car accident.  K2 and I sold these patterns in our quilt store, Olive’s Mercantile.

Here are the words that mom wrote on the back of the pattern envelope:  “My granddaughter lay broken and bleeding. Prayers and God’s Love kept us through the night. With the surgeons’ skills, our Lord started the miracle of repairing the body. The spark burned brighter and in three weeks became a small flame of light. She was awake!  The road was long and dark, but God kept that little spark burning and gave us LIGHT; we have our girl back! May His Light shine for you in your time of need.”

The pattern is available on Craftsy for $5.  Here’s the link:  Craftsy LogOLight

Recently, I had a wild hair that I’d like to make this pattern.  However, I wanted to make it more in keeping with the improv/liberated type of quilting that I have been doing.  I kept the cross part very similar to what mom did, but I substituted ‘made’ fabric for the background.  I used about 30 different fabrics and a modified version of Sherri Lynn Wood’s score 2 from her book Improv Handbook for the Modern Quilter.  I also changed up the borders.  My version is more contemporary in comparison to mom’s more traditional version.  The pattern also includes a write-up of the process I followed for my version (and additional photos).

Log O’ Light 2:


I’ll do a separate blog post on my process in the next few days.

And finally – Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt Allietare reveal!  HERE.  This quilt is lovely.  In my case – I may be making two smaller quilts as there is no way on this green earth that I’ll be making the BIG version (remember…..no more big ass quilts!).

I have 15 blocks finished.  I’ve run out of gold fabric for the centres but a friend from Ravelry is putting some in the post for me (thanks Bron!).  I can’t believe I’m so low on fabric – it feels great!


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This is what I have been doing in December once I completed the weekly Bonnie Hunter Allietare clues.

A secret project.  I am listing a quilt pattern on Craftsy SOON.  This is a quilt that my mom made to commemorate the recovery of her granddaughter/my niece from a horrible car accident about 17 years ago.  The quilt was made in 2000.  It is as gorgeous today as it was when she first made the quilt.  We had this pattern available when we (K2 and I) had Olive’s Mercantile open for business.  I have interpreted mom’s pattern using liberated/improv/wonky techniques.  I’m to the quilting stage now and hope to have the pattern available next week.  Here’s a sneak peak:


Blue and beige tumbler quilt.  This was a pre-cut kit that a LQS gifted me.  I added a border.  Since I’m still participating in the Ravelry Quilting Austerity challenge – and I didn’t have a backing – I painted a backing.  I’m going to use this quilt for FMQ practice in 2016 so I basically just wanted a beige back with some texture.  I pieced white fabric together, gave it a tea bath and then did some very basic painting/stenciling on the back.  Once it dries, I’ll steam it well then wash it in hot water and be ready to pin baste.



Fabric Vomit crumb blocks.  This is what I have been using as my leader/ender while doing the mystery clues.  I think I have enough fabric made.  I’m not 100% sure where I’m going with this yet – but I have a rough idea from an antique quilt I saw on FB a couple weeks ago.



Knitting and felting.  I’ve knit 3 bags and 1 bowl since we came back from the USA in early November.  I haven’t had a chance to felt them yet – maybe next week.  I’m on knitting hiatus again.  I really want to knit Mr. W another pair of socks, this time a ‘toe-up’ version, but I’m struggling with the pattern I picked out.  I can’t figure out how to do Judy’s Magic Cast On.  It’s giving me the shits.  How can a simple little knitting technique be so difficult?  Until I get over my ‘knitting snit’ I’m going to do a CAL starting in January.



And here’s clue #5 of Allietare and the link to see what others are up to with this clue (there are some beauties developing!).  I really like the grey, beige and black colors together.  I might need to make a quilt in just those colors at some point in the future.


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IMG_4084 IMG_4085

This clue just hasn’t gone well for me.  We’re talking about the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt Allietare (Clue 4 link-up post).

Let me list my issues:

  1. It’s been bloody hot this week so my time in the little house is limited to early mornings (6AM-10AM) as it’s beastly hot and stuffy out there the rest of the day.
  2. I decided to use the speciality rulers on this clue to STRETCH myself.  My fall back technique is rectangles and squares.  Well, I used the wrong ruler so all my pieces had the wrong angle on them and didn’t fit up with the Easy Angle triangle pieces.
  3. I am running short on red fabrics (see #2).  After cutting all the red pieces incorrectly, I only had 8 reds with enough fabric to cut a 2nd time.  I needed 30 sets of red pieces.  I COULD do 3+ of each color, but I prefer things to be as scrappy as possible.  Yet, I don’t want to buy more fabrics (dang Austerity challenge).
  4. I was on such a roll with cutting my red fabrics that I decided to cut all my neutral fabrics.  I also cut them all incorrectly.  (Luckily, I have plenty of neutrals to use.)
  5. In frustration, I switched back to the rectangle method with my easy angle triangles.  However, I failed to read the directions, pressed my seams incorrectly so (of course) they didn’t fit together.

I then stopped sewing for the day.  Some days you just have to walk away and shut the door!

My dilemma…..buy more reds?  Use each red 3 times and therefore have it less scrappy?  OR……beg reds off my quilt peeps.  I chose door number three and sent a couple requests out to local quilt peeps.  Friends to the rescue!  Within a few hours I had 10 new-to-me red fabrics in my chubby little hand from Ms. RM (thanks again!).  Two more peeps came through for me with offers to go stash diving in their scraps so I’m back in business!  Five sets completed.  Twenty-five to go.  And if all goes well, there will be 30 different reds used.


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I’m 100% caught up on the clues for the Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery quilt.  The proof is in the pictures.  HERE  is the link to Bonnie Hunter’s linkydinky post #3 so you can keep track of what all the other quilters are doing.  There are some gorgeous quilts developing!


Now for some general quilt talk…..

I’m pretty sure I’ve done all the finishing that I’ll be doing for 2015 so it’s time to reflect on what I’ve made and also to look forward to 2016.  I suppose it’s just semantics but sometimes semantics are important.  Perspective matters.  Words matter.  So, what am I talking about?  Well, I’m thinking about the difference between a UFO (unfinished object) and a WIP (work in progress).

I seriously don’t think I have any UFOs any longer.  (I KNOW, seriously????)  I no longer have any projects half finished and waiting to be finished.  For several years now I’ve been plugging along to finish them up – and I think I’m there.

Now, WIPs are a different kettle of fish.  I have 11 WIPs that I can account for right now.

My list:

Brother’s and Sister’s – needs batting, basting and big stitch quilting
LogOLight2 – finish piecing, maybe do some embroidery? FMQ
Gypsy Wife 2 – I made a 2nd set of blocks – now to decide what to do with them
Tumbler baby quilt – finish piecing, pin baste, FMQ
K3’s quilt – design and piece
K2’s quilt – FMQ
Fabric Vomit Crumbs – design and piece
1990’s Retro Crumbs – design and piece
The Circle Games – keep plugging along with hand piecing
Magnolia Wool – whip stitch, embroidery embellishment?
BH Mystery/Allietare – piece, baste, FMQ
I think 10-12 WIPs is about the right number.  It gives me something to do in most every stage of quilting so I can bounce back and forth.  I have 2-3 TV projects, a couple piecing projects, a couple designing projects, a couple leader/enders and 1-2 FMQ projects.  Keeps my crafty ADHD at bay to be able to bounce back and forth.

I’m also kicking around the idea of a quilting focus for 2016.  I’m thinking to once and for all tackle and CONQUER FMQ doodling.  I’m sick of WANTING to do it but not doing it.  Time to get over my fear – get over your damn self Princess – and just do it.  Figure if I give myself an assignment – 15 minutes a day or 2 days a week or something – I’ll be more apt to dive in and learn.

Do you have any quilt related goals for 2016 or is it too early to be thinking about it just yet?


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