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Bib’s for Finn

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Pattern by Vanilla House.

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Another Dangling Conversation using a hand-dyed featherweight yarn.  Pattern is by Mindy Ross on Ravelry.  I really love this pattern.

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At the last minute, I decided that I needed to have a crochet project along with me on holiday just in case we got stranded somewhere along the way (you never know with the weather in winter).

I downloaded 2 patterns and stopped at a local yarn shop on our way to the airport.  While in San Francisco, I crocheted a cap and started a cowl.

I crocheted 9 caps and 3 Odessa cowls for the kiddos while on holiday.  It was fun but I was sick of caps by the 8th camouflage cap.  I also bound 5 quilts and made 3 pillowcase dresses.

Here’s a picture of kiddos wearing their caps.  No pictures of the girls with their Odessa Shawls.  Hattie has already worn hers and it looked adorable.



Here’s a picture of the pattern for the Odessa Shawl.  Available on Ravelry.

odessa cowl


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Put your sunglasses on before viewing these pictures!  🙂

IMG_2425 IMG_2426 IMG_2427 IMG_2428 IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2437 IMG_2438

I love this quilt.  Love how I changed it from the original design to what it is.  Love the quilting I did.  Yup…..I’m puffed up like a peacock on this one.  🙂

Used a facing rather than a binding for the edge.  It’s a free tutorial from Blue Moon River.  I’m also going to use her technique for attaching the sleeve.  I typically do a sleeve very similar to how she does it but she adds a (new to me) step that adds a little slack to the sleeve so that the quilt hangs better.

Once the sleeve is attached, it will be ready to hang in the local show in early 2015.

And just for reference, here is Paula Storm‘s version called Summer Rain.  My quilt sprung from a class I took from her on using the dresden rulers and her non-needleturn appliqué method.

Summer Rain

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I wish I could remember that I don’t like garment sewing.  For over 40 years (OMG!) I have been sewing garments.  Rarely, if ever, do they turn out as I have envisioned.  Rarely, if ever, do I wear the items more than a handful of times before they end up at Goodwill or in the trash or cut apart and used for something else.  You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you?

Well…..if you thought I’d learn – you’d be wrong.  Yes….W-R-O-N-G.  I tried again.  About 9-12 months ago I was at Steph’s  in Moruya and fell in love with Alabama Chanin.  I bought the book.  I bought some fabric.  I decided to start small with a poncho.  Small, yes.  Simple, not really.  It involved two pieces of organic cotton knit layered.  Then you sewed around the motif with a doubled thicker weight cotton thread – after you LOVED the thread, of course.  THEN, you cut away what was either inside or outside the stitched line to reveal (ta-da!) the fabric undernearth.  It is a gorgeous technique and I do so love the Alabama Chanin look.  (Too bad I can’t afford their ready-made items!).

I forgot to mention the stencil part.  First you had to stencil the top layer of fabric so that you knew what to stitch around.  Oh….and BEFORE that…..you had to either buy a stencil (they start at about $100 from their shop) or make your own.  I’m too tired to even write about the process of cutting your own stencil and how many products (THREE) I went through before I actually had a surface that worked as a stencil.  Two exacto knives and 2 shades of paint and I was ready to spray paint my fabric.

Suffice to say……although simple it certainly isn’t a quick and easy process (at least for me).  My dreams of beautifully embellished and embroidered clothing was quickly falling to the wayside as my frustration and disinterest levels increased.

Now…where was I?  oh yeah…..garment sewing….  In my Alabama Chanin excitement, I purchased meters and meters (we’re talking a laundry basket FULL) of organic cotton knit fabric to create my Alabama Chanin-inspired visions……glory days!

Fast forward to today:  I sincerely doubt I will ever finish the poncho.  I do about 10 minutes on it and think to myself……I’d rather have my toe nails pulled out one by one.

To my credit (yes…..I am patting myself on the back right now), I did do a skirt and a tank top using the most basic stitching technique outlined in the book.  I haven’t worn it yet but it appears that it might fit.  And, I do like the look and feel of it.  Perhaps with a pair of boots and a denim jacket?  It might be my ‘family photo op’ outfit if my sisters allow me to wear both black and denim (word on the street is that they have nixed the idea of denim OR black).

I also made a pair of palazzo-style pants with some of the fabric.  I was going to buy a pair from my favorite yoga/casual clothing place in Washington DC, TranquiliT  but decided I’d try and make a pair instead and save the moola.  They turned out ok.  I’m trying the technique of NOT hemming cotton knit on these and see how it holds up.

Moral of this long monolog?  I am not a garment sewer.  I can do it – but I’m not good at it.  Someone kick me along side the head the next time I say I’m going to sew a piece of clothing.  Your kick would be much less painful and less expensive.

With that thought……I’m going back to quilting.  I’m working on the background of Spring Valley and REALLY REALLY liking what I’m doing.


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